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The Moon and the Art of Astrology

Apr 30, 2021 11:00AM ● By Agneta Borstein

The Moon in the art of astrology represents our feelings, emotions, mothers, nurturing, senses and our quest for Soul Search. During the Full Moon phase, she is noticed as her light shines through our window or enjoyed by a walk in her Moon Light. The whole side of the Moon is facing us and is reflecting light from the Sun. During the New Moon phase, two-and-a-half weeks after a Full Moon, we do not notice her since we cannot see the side that the Sun is shining on.

The Sun in astrology represents the Spirit, our strength and power. The Moon seeks the unknown, the subconscious, and can be understood by meditation, counseling or simply by being silent. It is valuable and practical to know where in our astrological chart our Moon is placed.

The Sun stays in one sign for 30 days; the Moon changes signs every two-and-a-half days. When we are aware of our Moon-sign, we can observe our feelings for a first date, a job interview, at the gym or why we overreacted about a certain situation.

The current eclipse season began last year and will be noticeable on May 26, June 10, November 19 and December 4 this year. People with prominent Sagittarius and Gemini energies, either Sun, Moon, Ascendant (personality) or other focal points in the natal birth chart, will experience life-changing events in work, relationships and health. Taurus, Pisces and Virgo ought to be aware of these dates as well. And all of us. Eclipses are a direct link between the Sun and the Moon that tend to strongly impact our daily lives.

During challenging times, to know our Moon sign supports our emotional search for tranquility. Find out where your Moon is hiding. To find your Moon sign, visit (you will need date, time and place of your birth).

“I seek her through my Soul; I find myself moving with her rhythm.”
~Agneta Borstein, The Moon’s Nodes: Understanding the Dynamic Ties that Bind

Aries Moon: A person with a Moon in Fire Aries has no problem displaying their opinion and courage. There is a sense of the importance of the Aries Moon, often the center of attention. A woman with an Aries Moon is frequently promoted and prefers to be first in any line.

Taurus Moon: A Moon in Earth sign Taurus finds the chocolate or the wine during any occasion. They have a gourmet taste, both in food and pastries, and make sure the quality is the finest. A Taurus Moon also likes cozy and soft clothing. 

Gemini Moon: The nerves with a Gemini Moon show a changeable and unpredictable nature. Their fun and witty, talkative personality often wins the crowd. A Gemini Moon modifies their outfits, tends to follow the latest fashion and changes colors again, and again.

Cancer Moon: The Moon in Cancer has a most sensitive character, caring for others, baking the cookies, nurturing anybody that needs attention. The Moon in this Water sign hides their feelings inside—until they release them uncontrollably, a healthy sign of healing.

 Leo Moon: A Leo Moon prefers bright colors, often the glitzy and dramatic look. The Fire Moon thrives on attention and approval, or their ego hurts. Romance for a Leo Moon is vital—the candlelit dinner and the flower is never forgotten.

Virgo Moon: Virgo Moon folks take care of the details that no one else can bother with. This Earth Moon drives others crazy with their attention to vitamins, health and pickiness. Virgo Moon is a perfectionist and is admired for its details and precise reports.

Libra Moon: A Libra Moon “loves to be in love” and requires relationships to be perfect. The symbol of Libra, the scale, tips over by a feather when challenged, and the Libra Moon becomes moody. This Moon in Air sign has a kind personality and deserves only the best.

Scorpio Moon: The Scorpio Moon might be quiet for a few days (or weeks) as they process their feelings. The Moon in this Water sign prefers lifelong commitments to work, relationships and family matters. The Scorpio Moon becomes a friend or partner for a long period, hopefully forever.

Sagittarius Moon: Sagittarius Moon enjoys being outdoors, frequents the gym and hits the yoga mat. A Moon in this Fire sign is a charmer, optimistic, spontaneous and thrives to travel to distant destinations. At times they are told to slow down on their fast path.

Capricorn Moon: A Capricorn Moon organizes the home, office and garden, and prefers to oversee others. Often too occupied with tasks, they need to be reminded that emotions are a natural release of the subconscious stored up feelings.

Aquarius Moon: Freedom is a natural inner awareness of an Aquarius Moon. They are often detached, and too cool to be tied down to obligations, and at times, relationships. When committed to a cause, they are fun, social, inventive, creative and a bit rebellious.

 Pisces Moon: The Pisces Moon, a Water Sign, is extremely sensitive, intuitive and can detect what is right or wrong. They seek spirituality, religion, alternative healing and to support others. The Moon in Pisces habitually displays their strong emotions, often with tears, even during a regular TV commercial.

Agneta Borstein incorporates her over 30 years as an Astrologer with a certificate in Advanced Shamanism and Advanced Healing into her private practice, workshops and writing. She has presented hundreds of workshops and lectures, is a past president of the Astrological Society
of Connecticut and is the author of The Moon’s Nodes: Understanding the Dynamic Ties that Bind. Connect at [email protected] or See ad, page 57.

Agneta Borstein

Agneta Borstein | Astrologer with a Shamanic Twist

Agneta, an enthusiastic devotee of Life is a professional astrologer, shamanic practitioner, lecturer, teacher, and workshop facilitator. After many years as a professional astrologer ... Read More » 


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