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Shungite Water: Make this Beneficial Beverage at Home

Apr 30, 2021 11:00AM ● By Christy Abate

Shungite is a powerful healing stone that was first discovered in Karelia, Russia. It contains naturally occurring antioxidants called fullerenes. Putting shungite in our drinking water can provide many health and healing benefits. Drinking shungite water can help alleviate headaches, insomnia, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), eczema, asthma and many other conditions. Shungite also helps neutralize free radicals in the body.

Making shungite water is very easy. Elite shungite has the highest concentration of fullerenes, so it is a great option to make shungite water. It is recommended one doesn’t consume more than eight ounces in one day. Shungite is a mineral and we don’t want to create an imbalance in the body by ingesting too much of one mineral. How much should one drink? Well, some people drink two ounces a day and they feel it’s enough. Some people drink all eight.

How to make shungite water:

• Wash crystals and pat them dry.

• Find a container that can hold 16 ounces. 

• Put 28 grams of crystals in the container and then pour in 16 ounces of water. 

• Now, we wait! It takes about 24 hours for the shungite to charge the water so we can receive its maximum benefits. A 16-ounce container will provide two (or more) days’ worth of shungite water.

Shungite naturally filters and cleans water. It has a carbon structure like charcoal, which is regularly used as a water filter. Rinse the stones about once a month just to get any residue off of them. Even though it’s a self-cleansing stone, shungite benefits from getting a new charge or a tune-up. It loves sunlight, so recharge it in the sun every few months for a couple of hours.

The shungite used to charge water can lose some of its potency over time because it filters out so many other minerals from drinking water. After six months to a year of continual use, consider replacing the stones. But just because we are not putting the shungite stones in our water, doesn’t mean we have to completely get rid of them. Put old stones in the garden, place them on an altar, use them for gridding or even repurpose them as jewelry and wear the shungite.

To learn more about this process, watch the video at

Christy Abate is co-owner and manager of The Angel Cooperative, a unique lifestyle boutique in Ridgefield which offers shungite stones pre-measured into packets perfectly sized to charge 16 ounces of water at home. Connect at 203-431-2959 or See ad, page 17.

The Angel Cooperative - 51 Ethan Allen Hwy Route 7 Ridgefield CT

The Angel Cooperative - 51 Ethan Allen Hwy Route 7, Ridgefield, CT

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