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Subconscious Transformation with Universal Intelligence



At Universal Intelligence, LLC, Althea works with the subconscious mind and the power it has. As a Registered State of Connecticut Hypnotist and Credentialed Professional Coach, Althea uses many modalities to accomplish clients’ goals and help them get to the way they want to feel.

Transformations happen by becoming unstuck and arriving at clarity. The subconscious is a warehouse of all our experiences, perceptions, values, memories and programing—whether remembered or not. It is responsible for our reactions, decisions and our relation to others, our health, our emotional feelings, choices and our way of being in the world.

Often we’d like to behave differently, think differently than we do, make different choices other than the same repeated ones. But we become stuck after trying everything to overcome that which we’d like to change. Exploring the subconscious, it is possible for new programming to become default programming to that which accomplishes our goals and releases us from past defeating patterns, self-doubts and sabotaging thoughts.

Through the subconscious, we are able to let go of fears and indecision by examining our beliefs and uncovering and understanding their origins. Our bodies and minds all have cell memory which can continue to replicate our thoughts, even if unpleasant and unwanted. We can change this cell memory to that which serves our best good by reprogramming and exploring the resources of our subconscious.

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Universal Intelligence, LLC

My name is Althea, which means healer. I work collaboratively with clients to release from where they are stuck to where they would like to be. I use the modalities of hypnosis, coaching,... Read More » 

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