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Letter From Publisher December 2021

Erica Mills

Erica Mills

The end of 2021 is upon us, and while this time of year can be stressful and overwhelming for many, it is a great time to remember to take time to slow down.

Not every holiday commitment needs to be upheld. Focus on what makes you feel joyful and well. This time of year is for reflection and gratitude, and for looking forward to new things to come.

Our feature story, “Circles of Healing”, dives into the importance of finding communities with which we can share our highs and lows. On page 20, read about how “having experiences of fellowship and communion with like-minded people” can be so beneficial to our hearts and minds.

We also need to listen to our bodies and learn what we need. Whether that’s learning to breathe correctly (page 23), or amping up immunity (page 24), there are so many ways to check in with ourselves and evaluate what we could be doing to improve our wellness.

Of course, this is also a huge month for shopping and giving, so do your community and your loved ones a favor by shopping local. Sometimes the best gifts are really experiences, so consider a gift certificate or voucher for a local service that will brighten the recipient’s day and leave a lasting impression. Check out the ads and Community Resource Guide throughout these pages for some great options.

Happy Holidays, and we’ll see you in 2022!


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