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Natural Awakenings Fairfield & Southern Litchfield Counties

August 2022 Letter From Publisher

Jul 29, 2022 01:00PM ● By Erica Mills
Erica Mills

Erica Mills

What is self-empowerment? This edition of Natural Awakenings is diving deep into the subject, full of articles by local professionals that will help you discover your own self-empowerment. 

The journey to self-empowerment may start with choosing self-care (page 17) or reframing how we talk to ourselves (page 9). We can also learn a lot from horses (page 14), who are great experts in empowerment for a number of reasons that you’ve probably not thought about before.

For many kids and adults, the fall season can bring both excitement and anxiety as a new school year begins. Learn why we feel anxious, plus some tips for dealing, on page 16 in “Anxiety: It’s Not What You Think”. For more insight on helping children build lasting life skills, read “Raising A Well-Rounded Child” on page 20. Everyone parents differently, but we are always learning how to better show up for our kids, so they can thrive at school and at home.

On page 24, check out “Gearing Up Kids Mentally and Physically for School”, which covers even more ways to help kids this month—from nutrition for better focus, to supplements that support all kinds of mental and physical wellness.

It’s important at the end of the summer to remember to take time to slow down, enjoy the little moments and feel ready to tackle another school year—or simply the changing of seasons—with a fresh outlook.

In “Take a Silent Hike”, on page 26, learn some simple and eye-opening tips and games to better enjoy being out in nature—with all your senses. A hike can be meditative, as well as invigorating, and show you the world in whole new ways. Another fresh perspective in this edition comes from “Sustainable Shellfish” on page 28. Did you know that shellfish is the most sustainable protein on the planet? What a great reason to incorporate more into our diets!

Wishing you an empowered start to the fall season, whatever that may mean for you.