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Alexia Clonda Partners with SquashMind App, Shares Breathing Insight

Alexia Clonda

Alexia Clonda

Breathing Coach, High Performance Squash Coach and ThetaHealing Teacher, Alexia Clonda, has recently been working with the app for all things squash and mindfulness, SquashMind, to share a series on breathing which can be beneficial to all—not just those who share the former champion squash player’s passion for squash.

In the series, Clonda teaches app users the difference between bad breathing and good breathing, why good breathing is key and the effects and impact that breathing has on our health, body and sports performance.

“The COVID pandemic has highlighted more than ever that breathing and mindset are keys in having better health and improving the quality of your life and so much more,” says Clonda. Through in-depth research and personal experience with breathing techniques and as a former squash player, Clonda delivers important, practical information that can be applied to your life at this very moment.

Clonda has been a champion squash player, a junior world number 1 and world number 5 and represented her country of Australia at junior and open levels. “Throughout my professional squash career, I had chronic, life-threatening asthma and was dependent on a machine and a ton of medications to keep me alive, let alone play squash and compete. I struggled every single day with my health, it hurt to train, but I had a dream to be a champion—to be the best I could be—and nothing was going to stop me,” enthuses Clonda.

Clonda is also a Spiritual Energy Healer, ThetaHealing practitioner and teacher, Motivational Coach and speaker. Self-described as a “chronic, steroid dependent asthmatic with an encyclopedia of health issues”, Clonda’s life changed when she learned the Buteyko Breathing Method in 1996. “Here I am now, after a lifetime of health issues, wanting to share my knowledge and my experience to help you with your squash and health in understanding how to work with your body, mind and spirit, in achieving and reaching your goals,” she says.

The SquashMind app helps users fulfill their potential using daily practices in mindfulness and visualization to improve mental well-being and resilience. It is available for download on both Google Play and in the Apple App Store. Clonda is available for: classes, workshops, one-on-one consultations, online consultations, webinars, mentoring, coaching and motivational speaking.
Connect at To download the app, search for SquashMind in Google Play and the App Store. See ad, page 2.

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