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Growth and Empowerment with Connect2Flourish Coaching

Andrea Garin Kopilak

Andrea Garin Kopilak

At Connect2Flourish, the coaching process is grounded in the science of positive psychology and awareness coaching. Positive psychology focuses on the measured characteristics, values and experiences that help people lead flourishing lives, while awareness coaching emphasizes the client as knowledgeable, insightful and resourceful.

  Utilizing both practices and various honed skills, the coach works with the client to identify what is getting in the way of their goals (often uncovering the root of an issue or pattern) and supports the client through the process of change, if needed.

Coaching is a collaborative experience, where together with the coach, the client aligns their passions and goals with their strengths and values to guide choices and design how they want to show up in the world and what they want the future to hold.

As a result, clients may experience personal growth and be empowered to choose to show up as their authentic self as often as they can, recognizing that they are human, share common humanity and may slip from time to time. The gift that coaching gives is a safe space to share the truth, feel seen, heard and valued, so clients can build self-awareness, confidence and remember to trust themselves—so when they slip, they get back up.

Andrea Garin Kopilak, founder of Connect2Flourish, holds a BA in Communications, an MA in Educational Communications and Technology, an Advanced Certificate in Applied Positive Psychology and extensive awareness coach training from Mentor Coach. She is also an active member of the International Coaching Federation.

For more information, call or text 917-583-3218, email [email protected] or visit See Community Resource Guide Listing, page 30.

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Connect2Flourish, LLC 

As the Founder of Connect2Flourish, I use a coaching process grounded in the science of positive psychology and awareness coaching to help empower you to utilize your strengths so that yo... Read More » 


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