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Seven Mindset Tips to Help Upgrade Your New Year

Dec 30, 2022 10:01AM ● By Jessica Chichester

“People do not decide their futures. They decide their habits and their habits decide their futures.” ~ F.M. Alexander

In order to upgrade and accelerate our goals, we need to begin with our mental state of being. Here are seven tips to help you upgrade your body, mind and life in the New Year.

Celebrate the successes of last year.  Life is a culmination of every small event, little thought and seemingly useless choice. When we can sit down and really evaluate the blessings and challenges of last year, we see that they are not that far apart. Generally, all of our success was born out of some great challenge. Take a moment to recognize that the universe has your back, and how much stronger and clearer you are than at the beginning of 2022. By doing this exercise with yourself and inviting a loved one to do the same, we bring awareness to our life and embrace the challenges, for we see how they have worked to our highest good. This positive energy creates a sustainable mindset that will spring you into 2023.

Define your goals and dig into your “why”.
It’s not enough to have goals. Often times we make choices and don’t uncover why we are choosing them. Is it because of family or cultural expectations, or is it something that sets the soul on fire? How do I find my fire when I’m on the verge of burnout? Get quiet—shut off the music and the books and listen to the story you tell yourself. Our “why” is the fire behind our actions. Creating a safe space to surrender into your darkest shadow is key to letting go of old, dead emotional weight. The result will strengthen your inner power and give you focus in your why.

Make a plan.
Divide goals into three categories: personal, business and just for fun. Set goals that are brutally specific, measurable, reasonable and leave room for flexibility. Keep this list posted like a dart board. Use resources like a digital and personal calendar to hold yourself accountable, play-by-play. Make room for life and any changes that may and will occur. Practice radical acceptance with what cannot be controlled. All in all, have fun on the journey—it is its own kind of destination—as you stay focused on your plan.

Establish routines.
Start by focusing on one area of your life and your business to get the ball rolling. Understand that when you do this, something else will fall off. This is only for some time as you are honing in on that project. Singular focus is better than scattered action. Make it a priority to set up a healthy, cleansing and joyful morning routine. Connect to your body and ground your energy with blood flow-improving activities such as tapping, qigong, yoga, working out, getting in nature and/or BEMER vascular therapy.

Create a schedule that allows you to do a hard task, then a rewarding one. This prescription can take anywhere from 30 seconds of laughing or jumping to hours of working out—AKA celebrating life. Regardless, make a reward system that encourages focus, accomplishment and is a positive discipline system that ensures greater success.

Set good expectations.
Love yourself regardless of if you complete the goals. You are not a checklist of tasks. Look back at the goals you had for previous years and you’ll find some of them were never accomplished. Understand that those incomplete goals have given you the ammunition to move in a new direction. The tension is necessary for growth. The truth is that some of your goals were never meant to be accomplished or couldn’t be for some reason or another. Trust the plan. Celebrate how full your life has been and how in the midst of madness, you did the best you could and still made progress. That’s enough to celebrate.

Imperfect action leads to progress.
Have fun and don’t take yourself too seriously. If you know you’re the type to get nervous with new assignments and procrastinate, then have a walk and talk with the child inside. As you start the project ask yourself the question, “If I really screwed up on this, what would it look like? What’s the worst that could happen?” Then, talk to the fear inside you with a posture of proclaiming loving-kindness.

Find a way to let the quirky and chaotic darkness come to the surface. Take intentional action and make it your intention to “mess up” and then allow yourself to rebound. Reflect, “What does that feel like?” while realizing, “It’s all good.” Most people don’t know what they’re doing and no one is watching you that hard. If they are, enjoy the ride and bounce forward like the power animal you are.

Create connections.
Find one or some mentors and be close to the fire of inspiration. Learn about people and the way they walk in their life. Success leaves clues. Ask questions and stop talking. Watch your environment. Connect with people who inspire you and sharpen your perspective. Commit to the practice of presence and you will have clarity, which is the foundation of growth.

Jessica Chichester has been in the health, wellness and spiritual science field for over 25 years. She is a Hall of Fame athlete, and has been a kundalini, yoga and intuitive health and fitness coach for over 20 years. She is a gifted energy practitioner at Haute Healing Oasis, and specializes in sacred sexuality and manifestation. She works with sacred plants and coordinates spiritual Ayahuasca retreats. Connect at 203-595-5304, 
[email protected] and See ads, pages 7 and 23.

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