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Soul Journeys with Michael Rosenbaum

Michael Rosenbaum

Michael Rosenbaum

Michael Rosenbaum, advanced certified hypnotherapist, metaphysician practitioner, transformational hypnotherapist and spiritual coach, provides Soul Journeying - Introducing You to Your Soul's Wisdom, in Danbury, Connecticut, and Mt. Kisco, New York.

“You’ve been searching of a deep connection with your soul,” Rosenbaum says, “You’ve read about the benefits of connecting with your soul and the special wisdom it brings you. However, when you’ve been fortunate to experience that soul connection, it has been fleeting. Yes, you may have tasted something deeper in a meditation or yoga group or walk in nature, but that quickly vanished and you are not sure how to get it back.”

He advises, “There is a way I have helped hundreds of people take that spiritual journey to build a bridge to the soul. To connect you with your higher mind and a different kind of wisdom. A bigger and more expanded look at life and its purpose. I have gone down that path myself. I have been in a spiritual mystery school since 2006 and I bring to my clients the amazing things I have learned and experienced there.”

Free phone consultation. For more information, call 914-589-3601, email [email protected] or visit

Rosenbaum Wellness - NA Danbury CT

Rosenbaum Wellness

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