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Turning Point Healing Arts is Expanding

Turning Point Healing Arts & Education Center is pleased to welcome three new practitioners to the Ridgefield center. Each of the practitioners brings a unique skill set and a wealth of knowledge and experience to the existing health and wellness team.

Lisa Tancredi brings a lifetime of study, exploration and experimentation to support her holistic spiritual wellness practices: Ancient Wisdom with Bota Tarot and Shirodhara Warm Stone & Oil Therapy.

Demitra Vassiliadis, a practicing astrologer for over 25 years, is passionate about using astrology to remind clients of their unique talents, true calling and how best to align with the current astrological climate. She offers astrological readings and new and full moon ceremonies.

Mandy Manuel, LPC(CT), LMHC(NY), RMT is a therapist and energy healer, who brings a unique way of conceptualizing healing, growth and transformation that rests in the understanding that love holds the greatest healing power. She offers mental health counseling, using an array of modalities to individualize a treatment plan for her clients.

For more information on all practitioners at Turning Point Healing Arts & Education
Center, call JoAnn Inserra Duncan at 203-438-3050 or visit 

Turning Point Healing Arts  Education Center - 100B Danbury Road Ste 101 Ridgefield CT

Turning Point Healing Arts & Education Center - 100B Danbury Road Ste 101, Ridgefield, CT

Holistic healing services, sessions, classes and programs for body, mind and spirit. Reiki, massage, IET, meditation, crystals, EMDR, shamanic healing, zero balancing, and more. Read More » 


JoAnn Inserra Duncan

Turning Point Reiki LLC - 100B Danbury Rd Ste 101, Ridgefield, CT

LYME + CO-INFECTIONS & REIKI: JoAnn uses intuition, experience and a deep spiritual connection in her Reiki, IET and Reconnective Healing sessions. Specializing in care for individual... Read More » 


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