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The Energy Enhancement System: Achieve Higher States of Health, Consciousness and Self-Actualization

By steffenak AdobeStock

By steffenak AdobeStock

After working in the pharmaceutical industry for 27 years, Dr. Michelle Adams realized there was a more natural way to treat disease, which led her to open Quantum Healing & Wellness, a holistic health and wellness center located in Bedford Hills, New York.

The center proudly features a 24-Unit Energy Enhancement System (EESystem). “In today’s fast-paced world, where stress and environmental factors take a toll on our health, innovative wellness solutions like the EESystem are gaining attention for their potential health benefits,” she says, noting that approximately 300 public centers in the U.S. now offer it. “The expansion is worldwide in over 48 countries through the efforts of Jason Shurka, founder of the UNIFYD Healing Network, a humanitarian mission to raise awareness for this technology and make it more affordable and accessible to everyone around the world.”

The EESystem, Adams’ favorite modality offered at the center, uses custom built and precisely installed units and computer screens developed to create a specific energetic environment of bio-photonic fusion filled with a unique blend of bioactive fields. “These fields are specially designed to produce Nicola Tesla’s scalar waves, a concept rooted in quantum physics,” she explains. “Scalar waves are believed to interact with the body’s biofield, influencing the electrical charge of our cells, promoting various health benefits.” 

According to Adams, “Our cells are not just influenced by physical and chemical factors; they are also responsive to the energetic environment surrounding them. This is where the EESystem’s role becomes vital. It’s based on the principle that by creating an environment with an energetic resonance of 70 to 90 millivolts, it can encourage our cells to synchronize with this optimal charge.” Adams asserts that this synchronization is crucial because a cell’s health and functionality is maximized when it maintains an electrical charge within this range.

Adams invites us to imagine the EESystem as a charging station for the body’s cells. “Just like how a battery needs the right charge to function effectively, our cells need an optimal electrical charge for health,” she affirms. “The EESystem, through its generation of scalar waves, acts like a continuous source of ‘energy nourishment’ for our cells, helping them to maintain or regain their ideal electrical charge while restoring balance and rejuvenating the body at a cellular level.”

The EESystem has been shown to be beneficial in the areas of stress reduction, energy enhancement, improved sleep, faster healing processes, increased mental clarity and enhanced cognitive function. 

Adams attests that the Energy Enhancement System presents an intriguing addition to the world of alternative healing modalities. “By harnessing the power of scalar energy, it offers a non-invasive way to support stress reduction, improve energy and sleep,” she says. “As we continue to explore the intersection of technology and wellness, systems like the EESystem represent a frontier in understanding and enhancing our body’s innate healing capabilities.”

The center also offers a salt room, infrared sauna with red-light therapy, yoga and microcirculation therapy (Avacen), among other services including Dr. Adams’ detoxification consults.

Location: 7-9 Norm Ave., Bedford Hills, NY. For more information or to make an appoint- ment, call 914-218-3428, email [email protected] or visit See ad, page 17.