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Cosmic Rhythms - July 2016

Cancer new moon takes place on July 4, putting food and family on center stage at the beginning of the month. Its contacts to empathetic Neptune and deep, intense Pluto means many may also be feeling more introverted than usual; people may need to talk about their feelings around this time, so focus on being a good listener. Do your best to comfort any loved ones who may be undergoing intense transformations in their lives. Setting an intention regarding home and family matters—such as manifesting a new residence, starting a family, or developing a deeper relationship with your own family-of-origin—is strongly favored for this lunation. A word of caution though…the sun and moon are near “Dog Star” Sirius at this time, which does have a potential connection with dog bites. If you’re at an Independence Day picnic, keep an eye on the dogs—who may already be feeling skittish due to the crowds and loud fireworks—especially if children are around.

After this point, it may be an active communication week on the relationship and financial fronts with Venus and then Mercury touching off multiple planets from July 5-11. Contact to Mars in Scorpio makes it a great time for facing issues head on—whether it is the inner “demons” or debt—while a square to Uranus shortly thereafter favors changing emotional responses and habits regarding love and money to make positive, self-initiated shifts. A link to “Medicine Man” Chiron emphasizes healing via a compassionate understanding of just how the family-of-origin may have shaped fiscal and/or relationship situations. Capping this off just before Venus switches signs is a square to “Earth Mother” Ceres, who in assertive Aries may promote adopting a more proactive stance concerning material and relational matters. Although this approach may seem pushy, it can actually be a gift as it compels you to be more independent.

Both Venus and Mercury switch signs, making their Leo debut between July 12 and 13. As this sign is associated with children, this would be a great time to think about putting small amounts of money away for your kids’ futures. Both also simultaneously contact savings-oriented Saturn circa the full moon on July 19. Since Leo is also a recreational sign, regularly putting a way a bit of “fun money” into a safe, designated fund where it can grow would be another good use of this energy.

The full moon is in staid Capricorn but gets an invigorating jostle from Mars and Uranus. There tends to be comfort with the status quo under a Capricorn moon, but the Uranus and Mars involvement suggests this “sheltered” energy may actually be rather irritating now. True emotional maturation involves evolving beyond a basic need for safety, security and stability to start taking risks. This is exactly what the energy of this moon can help with; it’s like being pushed to metaphorically leave the nest in some way.

A practitioner of Western Tropical astrology, Alethea Hunt has been practicing for more than 17 years. Connect with her at 203-917-6312, Alethea@EmpoweredDestiny.com or EmpoweredDestiny.com.

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