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Travel the Earth Chakras

Every living being has energy centers known as chakras. Mother Earth is no exception; our planet has chakras that span the globe. A new venture, Earth Chakra Tours, has now launched and is designing opportunities for spiritual beings like you to travel to these earth chakra sites. Imagine a vacation filled with worldly adventures, divinely inspired ceremonies and a delightful collection of like-minded co-creators—your soul family.

Robin Clare and Tor Webster have designed seven such adventures to sacred sites across the globe, with trips commencing in 2019 and ending in 2022. The earth chakra sites that will be visited are: 1st Chakra - U.S., 2nd Chakra - Peru & Bolivia, 3rd Chakra - Australia, 4th Chakra - England, 5th Chakra - Egypt & Israel, 6th Chakra - Scotland, 7th Chakra - Tibet.

Clare and Webster are experienced spiritual teachers and sacred travel guides, ensuring that each precious journey is filled with spiritual teachings, sacred ceremonies, superb scenery and like-minded spiritual seekers. They have planned each trip to be rich in adventure, culture, education, spiritual growth and rest and rejuvenation.

Hotels will be comfortable and include Wi-Fi to check in at home. Restaurants are health-oriented and provide a cultural experience. Best of all, you will participate in ceremonies that enhance our planet and all inhabitants.

Registration for each trip begins 12 months in advance of the trip date. For more information, call 860-232-3331 or visit EarthChakra.tours.

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