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New Specialized Yoga Added to Offerings

Shannon Carlin Aleksa

Shannon Carlin Aleksa

Elite Health Services announced a new specialized yoga class in Westport this fall. The class, held on Tuesdays from 9 to 10am, is limited to eight to 10 participants.

Yoga, although a wonderful form of exercise, can also be very stressful on the body when performed incorrectly. At the beginning of each class, Shannon Carlin Aleksa will take participants through a mini-workshop that focuses on a specific pose and its unique characteristics. Each week, a new pose will be broken down for the class. That pose will be repeated throughout the class so there are opportunities to practice what has been learned. The class will then unfold into a variety of elements, part flow for heat building, and a section with longer holds within poses for strength building.

“I believe the most valuable aspect of this class is the education component. When participants learn how to perform poses the right way for their body, they can take that learning with them to any yoga class,” says Dr. Matt Silvaggio, Elite Westport’s director of physical therapy and sports performance.

The class is $100 a month for four reserved classes or $35 for walk-ins.

For more information or to reserve a spot, call 203-349-8430 or email Reception@EliteHealthServices.com. Location: 162 Kings Hwy North, Westport.

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