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Past Life Regression For Insights into Now

Past life regression and exploration is a therapeutic technique for opening our past lives coherently. Often we are carrying—at an unconscious cellular energy level—many fears, experiences, memories, events and traumas from our past lives that show up in this present life. They can cause us to have emotional and physical difficulties, such as unexplained fears, addictions, low self-esteem, repeated relationship failures, weight issues, physical and emotional pain, or feelings of inadequacy or feeling stuck. While we are in a hypnotic state with a trained professional, we safely experience each past life ourselves. Under hypnosis, an event or an unconscious memory is identified from the subconscious; it is then brought to the conscious mind, permitting these issues to clear up, heal and not return.

Past life regression reveals the origin of these issues. The root cause or the patterns from past lives—whether positive or negative—are triggered in this present life. They can affect our emotional responses, relationships, drives, ambitions, fears, self-worth and physical bodies, thereby causing us pain. When we release or enhance these energies and these patterns from the past, we are able to live more freely in our present true lives. Think of it as healing the past to create a healthy future.

Althea, the founder and director of Universal Intelligence, LLC, is a coach, hypnotist, and EFT and Reiki practitioner. She has trained with seasoned regressionists, including Brian Weiss, MD. Connect at 203-451-3383, Support@UniversalIntelligence.info or UniversalIntelligence.info. See ad, page 8.

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