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Spirit Paintings Offered by Elaine Clayton

Spirit Paintings Offered by Elaine Clayton
A Unique Gift of Spirit Captured on Paint

Artist and author Elaine Clayton creates a unique form of meditation art. “I used to call them ‘Prayer Letters,’” Elaine says, “but over the years, they’ve become known as Spirit Paintings. What comes to me while I paint is spiritual enlightenment, unique to each person I paint for.”

 Elaine features art daily on, her online sketchbook devoted to healing arts, exploration of dreams, intuitive studies, and creativity. She has been keeping dream journals since she was 17 and refers to them daily, creating new entries and art as well. She has written and illustrated a book about intuition, due in spring 2011.

 “I am clairvoyant, clairaudient, and a medium,” Elaine explains, “and while painting, the images and information flow in. It’s like watching a film, hearing words spoken and seeing symbols and people who may be ancestors or guides of the person who commissioned the work. Most are commissioned by people I have never met. Each time a flood of information and guidance comes and I am loyal to what emerges in spirit, and paint what I see and feel.”

 Elaine has written and illustrated several books for children, illustrated children’s books by Gregory Maguire, author of WICKED, and Pulitzer Prize-winning author Jane Smiley. She is a Reiki Master and offers Intuitive Readings. Her unique and expressive Spirit Paintings are, as she describes them, “intuitive, psychic readings, done with paint.”

One of a kind spirit paintings make for wonderful gifts, and start at just $200. For more information contact Elaine via or call the studio at 203.557.3890.