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Ayindisa: Free Trade, Ingenuity and Beauty

Ayindisa: Free Trade, Ingenuity and Beauty

Ridgefield’s Ayindisa is a business run on fair trade principles that supports artisans worldwide by selling their often ingenious, beautifully crafted, socially responsible, eco-friendly handcrafts. The apparel, jewelry, baskets, handbags, drums, art and fabrics Ayindisa sells are often from recycled materials. There’s jewelry from recycled beads, bowls from reclaimed telephone wire, bowls from recycled magazines, Trashy Totes bags from 100% recycled polyethylene plastic sachets, colorful door mats from recycled flip-flops, metal sculpture from reclaimed car metal scraps and parts, baskets from recycled bottle caps, and skin care products from 100% natural ingredients with no animal fats or chemicals. In addition to selling their products, Ayindisa assists artisans in obtaining loans and education through various partnerships and business affiliates. The name “Ayindisa,” from the Frafra language of northern Ghana, means “God’s hand is in the work that you do.” It was bestowed upon the store’s founder by artisans from northern Ghana.

Ayindisa is located at 18 Prospect Street, Ridgefield. Visit, or call 203.894.1115.

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