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Save Money, Make Money with Viridian


Save Money, Make Money with Viridian Energy

Viridian Energy, a provider of greener energy at an affordable price, is offering an opportunity for organizations to raise funds without ever having to ask for money.

 According to Viridian’s founder and CEO Michael Fallquist, the Viridian Fundraising Program is an innovative way for organizations to raise funds without over-burdening their members. “It is the ultimate win-win situation, especially in this economic climate,” he explains.

 Non-profit organizations can sign up and earn money for each individual or small business that switches their energy supplier to Viridian through them. As people switch, money is earned for the organization, resulting in a $2 per month monthly residual check from every active customer that is referred. In addition to 501 (c)(3) organizations, other charities or fundraising entities such as churches, school groups and youth sports teams can sign up for the program. Those who support these organizations save money by using greener, more affordable electricity; while helping the group raise funds.

 Enrolling with Viridian is easy. All you need is a recent utility bill and a few minutes. Nobody comes to your house and nothing has to be installed. Two product options are offered, including Everyday Green, a 20 percent renewable energy option–the minimum standard for Viridian–that is sourced from locally produced, high quality, renewable resources. For those that are more environmentally conscious, the Green-e certified Pure Green rate plan offers 100 percent renewable energy content, sourced from locally produced, high-quality wind power.

For more information about Viridian Energy contact:
Ken Kilgore, Viridian Independent Associate, at 860.729.5569 or [email protected] or visit
Tom Nigro, Viridian Independent Associate, at 860.729.5569 or [email protected] or visit
Patrick Felice, Viridian Independent Associate, at 860.559.2556 or [email protected] or visit

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