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Ifloat, an Oasis of Calm in Westport

Ifloat, an Oasis of Calm in Westport

A unique wellness opportunity named ifloat has opened in the heart of Westport’s shopping district. An oasis of calm in a chaotic world, ifloat offers four floatrooms, a warm, quiet environment consisting of ten inches of body temperature water treated with 770 pounds of Epsom Salt, the time-honored soaking aid. Typically enjoyed for an hour, ifloat is the closest thing to a gravity-free environment on earth. Many people combine floating with massage therapy, and licensed massage therapists are available. Researchers have studied floating for decades, with results showing profound effects, with perhaps the most important results coming from those battling stress. The chemicals produced by our societal interactions, including our bodily responses to “fight-or-flight” situations, measure at reduced rates in regular floaters. Floating assists in reducing muscular lactic acids after exercise, with the Epsom Salt adding relief for aching bodies. Floating can provoke endorphin release, the body’s natural painkiller, adding a euphoric effect and aiding chronic-pain sufferers. Floating is a natural, healthy, non-invasive way to relax and rejuvenate.

Call 203.226.7378, or visit ifloat at 163 Main Street in Westport, or on the web at

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