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Many opportunities for better health at The Black Rock Pilates Studio

Mar 11, 2011 02:57PM

Enter the hallway of The Black Rock Pilates Studio in Black Rock and you’ll find clients getting ready for Pilates class, preparing to strengthen while creating stability through the core and increasing mobility through the entire body. Ask these clients about their experiences at the studio and you’ll hear how the teachers and the wide variety of practitioners at the studio have contributed to their success.

 Like many others, the studio offers weekly group and private Pilates classes but The Black Rock Pilates Studio also offers total body wellness with massage therapy, Rolfing, Reiki, and Acupressure. Black Rock Physical Therapy is across the hall. On a regular basis, licensed massage therapists, Physical Therapists and Holistic practitioners are available at the studio for clients to simply ask advice or to enjoy a scheduled treatment. Having these bodyworkers under one roof is a definite benefit to the clients at the studio. For those who may not take the time or consider calling upon one of these professionals, the convenience of asking advice at the studio before or after a class is a way to become familiar and comfortable with the many healing options.

 Laura Pennock, owner of The Black Rock Pilates Studio, has found that the additional practitioners have contributed greatly to clients reaching their fitness goals. If a client has any type of body issues, the physical therapist can evaluate them and work with the Pilates teacher to develop a plan of healing and strengthening. The other practitioners communicate significant findings to the teachers as well. Being knowledgeable about the total body allows the staff and clients to work safely and successfully.

For more information on The Black Rock Pilates Studio, Black Rock Physical Therapy and other studio practitioners visit or call 203.335.1987. The studio is located at 2889 Fairfield Avenue in Black Rock.

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