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Natural Awakenings Fairfield Cty/Housatonic Valley, CT

The Gathering of The Peacemakers: Days of Conscious Instructions Nights of Conscious Music Black Mountain, NC * Woodstock, NY * Albany, NH

May 17, 2011 01:00PM

In 2000, Julia and Robert Roskind, decided it was time to devote all their available time, energy and money to giving back to the world. Since then they have written 6 books that carry a message of unconditional love from Native America, Mayan and Rastafarian Elder and organized 80+ free "One Love Events" in Jamaica and in the U.S.

  This spring they will be hosting four gatherings in beautiful mountain retreats in North Carolina, New York State and New Hampshire. The events, called The Gathering of the Peacemakers: Getting Ready for the Changes, include daily workshops in solar, wind, living off-the-grid, organic gardening, holistic health, earth and wilderness skills, building your own green home, living on less, handling your money wisely, voluntary simplicity, creating loving unions, finding your mission in life, staying awake in a sleeping world, creating visionary events, Hopi and Mayan prophecies, and more. Each gathering also hosts a Native American "Elder-in-Residence." Evening concerts include performances by conscious recording artists.

 “This is not just another outdoor festival,” says Atlanta-based recording artist Laura Reed. “This is a spiritual experience. All the music will be 'musical medicine.' All the musicians Julia and Robert have invited carry a message of love and forgiveness."

 “This will be the a perfect environment for relearning the way of harmony and grace and with a sense of celebration," explains Julia. "As the Maya continually say, ‘This current Universal Cycle is set up to support love - pure and simple.’ ”

"No words can express the appreciation that I feel for the change that I feel in the past week," say 21-year old college junior Katelind Ingals, who attended a gathering in 2008. "Usually a nice 'thank you' would be appropriate but instead I would like to say "One Love," because that is the new outlook that I have on life."

Weekend retreats are $145 and week-long retreats are $275, with 1/2 off for children under 12. They are limited to 150 so reserve early. Camping, private cabins and lodge rooms and vegetarian gourmet meals are available at each gathering. For more information, visit, email at [email protected] or call (828) 295-4610.