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Dr. Joachim’s New Book for Natural Allergy Relief

Dr. Mark Joachim

If you or a family member suffer from food sensitivities, or you suspect food ‘allergies’ are causing health problems, Norwalk-based Dr. Mark Joachim can help you. In his new book, How to Stop Suffering From Food Sensitivities, ‘Allergies’ and Digestion Problems, Dr. Joachim shares his story of how he learned about allergy elimination by helping his own infant daughter, who had developed painful skin rashes caused by a “hidden” food allergy. He also provides in-depth insights into how this led him to helping over 1,000 people who suffered from various symptoms, including heartburn, indigestion, skin rashes and frequent headaches, and how you can find and manage your hidden food allergies. This is about natural allergy elimination. There are no shots and no drugs. The book includes two self-assessment guides and what your results mean, success stories from patients, and tips on allergy management. Dr. Joachim is currently the only doctor in Connecticut with advanced certification in the BioSET® allergy elimination technique, a new system blending medical disciplines of east and west in a unique new combination developed by Dr. Ellen Cutler, a medical doctor, chiropractic physician and a naturopathic physician. Through Dr. Cutler’s clinical research, she developed principles that became a tested set of protocols, combining the beneficial aspects of chiropractic, acupuncture, homeopathic therapeutics, nutrition, enzyme therapy, muscle testing, electromagnetic testing, allergy/sensitivity testing, and elimination.

To learn more, download Dr. Joachim’s new e-book at To schedule an appointment, call 203.838.1555.

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