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Rest Easy on a Healthy Mattress

A new brand of non-toxic mattresses debuts this month in Danbury and Fishkill. Essentia Mattresses are free of the petrochemicals and other toxins commonly found in mattresses made of polyurethane foam. This petroleum based material can contain and subsequently “off-gas” dozens of Volatile Organic Compounds (V.O.C.s) into the body. Many of these VOCs are known carcinogens. Additionally, many mattresses on the market are sprayed with chemical fire retardants containing toxins like Boric Acid, which has been linked to cancer, heart, lung and kidney damage. Essentia’s proprietary formula removes petrochemicals and other toxins from the mattress. Manufacturers say the brand also outperforms other mattresses when it comes to pressure relief, support, breathability and comfort, due to its unique, non-toxic all natural memory foam.

Visit Essentia during their Grand Opening at 10 Stage Dr. Rd. in Fishkill, NY and at The Danbury Fair Mall. Call 845.897.2202 or go to for more information.

Coming in December
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