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Has Hurricane Irene Really Left Your House?

Even after the water Hurricane Irene left in our basements is gone, a great deal of moisture remains in many homes, and the old dehumidifier is just not getting the job done, says Paul Toms of Ridgefield’s Damp Basement Solutions. Concrete foundations can absorb between three to five times their weight in water, for one thing. And then there’s the moisture removal that’s absolutely necessary for reducing mold spores, along with the urgent need for air movement, since stale, stagnant air allows mold to grow at an accelerated rate. Toms says the amount of moisture his EZ Breathe Ventilation System removes is equal to the amount removed by seven dehumidifiers running at the same time. The quiet EZ Breathe System exchanges a home’s fresh air seven to ten times daily, covering up to 7,000 square feet of living space, always supplying fresh air instead, and uses only $2 to $4 worth of energy per month. There are three installation options, ranging from slabs and crawlspaces to unfinished basement walls, and even under drywall. The flexibility of this unit makes it ideal for use in both homes and businesses, Toms says. “We are thrilled with your product,” says customer A. Bourden. “Our windows are finally free of moisture.”

For more information about the EZ Breathe System call 203.422.9751 or visit

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