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Breast Thermography Now in New Canaan, Fairfield

Suzanne Pyle

X to Rays Thermal Imaging, LLC announce that Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging (DITI) will now be offered at Maud Joseph’s Reflexology Center in New Canaan and at Maggie French Massage Therapy Center in Fairfield. DITI is FDA approved for breast cancer screening and is especially beneficial to women with dense breasts, implants and who fear mammograms’ pain and radiation.  Suzanne Pyle, owner of X to Rays, states that DITI is totally safe, 95% accurate and can detect cancerous activity eight years before a mammogram.  Both Suzanne and Geralene Valentine are Certified Clinical Thermographers with extensive training in all DITI applications. Besides monitoring breast health, DITI can distinguish between nerve or muscle pain, and identifies such pathologies as arthritis, arteriosclerosis, digestion problems, fibromyalgia, lymph congestion, RSD and thyroid dysfunctions. “Even with breast cancer screening,” Geralene adds, “we see a much larger area than mammograms and can comment on the health of the thyroid and lymph nodes. ”Suzanne continues, “Also, full- or half-body scans are great for managing health issues.  I’ve helped many people monitor their treatment and even their supplements. Thermal imaging helps them decide about whether to stay the course or to change it.”

For more information, call X to Rays Thermal Imaging at 866 XtoRays (203.986.7297) or 203.331.2878 or visit Maud Joseph’s Reflexology Center in New Canaan is at 25 Burtis Avnue and Maggie French Massage Therapy Center is at 20 Reef Road, Fairfield.

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