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Natural Awakenings Fairfield & Southern Litchfield Counties

Change Your Life by Changing Your Living Space

Wearing clothing that is too tight constrains movement and flexibility, so why live in an outmoded, inflexible living space? The Healing Home emerges as a natural succession to 35 years in the Design/Build industry. Nicholas Borrell offers design consultation and construction management to address functional, structural and energetic limitations to improve the flow, or chi, of your residence. This can be as simple as adding new doors or windows, replacing hardware, or as complex as a full house renovation. Each situation is a unique intersection of a client’s wish list and a re-structuring of elements. Nicholas listens carefully to address the realistic limitations of the home and budget.

  When the house breathes freely, the body breathes freely. When spaces are balanced and calming, an experience of tranquility is felt. Safe and sound, at home. Well-resolved, illuminated spaces make communication easier. Sounds resonate clearly, echoing is reduced, and music fills the space rather than challenges it. Good vibrations are held and magnified. Negative chi is easily released. The home becomes an extension of self rather than a limiter of self-expression. “Your Dream + Your Wish List = Practical Solutions. Dreams can come true!”, says Borrell.

To learn more about The Healing Home, call Nicholas Borrell at 203.438.7660 or visit