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The Liver Flush for a Real Spring Cleaning

Just as we eagerly switch to lighter apparel in spring, so does the body yearn to shed its winter layers of buildup. Green vegetables can begin the cleansing, as we move to the deeper work, cleaning the liver, with its 500 functions, the organ responsible for both digestive and metabolic duties. The overworked liver gets compromised by congestion and needs a boost to refresh its pathways. “One of the most exciting ways I've found to rejuvenate the liver,” says Kelly McCoy, of Greenwich Colon Hydrotherapy, “I learned from Andreas Moritz in The Amazing Liver and Gallbladder Flush. The liver flush greatly improves the digestive process, which I support with the Colonic, both as prep and follow-up to the flush. Clearing the bile ducts balances the body, so the skin clears up. Cleaner blood relieves many of our aches and pains. Having personal sensitivities to joint and bone problems, I can say that keeping the liver clear contributes to a healthier muscular skeletal system. Oh, and I think the biggest benefit of the liver flush is its effect on the nervous system. Eliminating the constant buildup of acid in body means that the nerves—and especially the brain—operate with less caustic reaction. This is very calming.”

Greenwich Colon Hydrotherapy, established since 1996 by Certified Colon Hydrotherapist Kelly McCoy, is located at 296 Sound Beach Avenue in Old Greenwich. For more information call Kelly at 203.698.9088 or visit

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