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Gastric Reflux and Colic Respond Favorably to Pediatric Chiropractic Care

A visit to Dr. Risa Sloves and Dr. Mark Joachim’s office, Associates in Family Chiropractic and Natural Health Care, P.C. in Norwalk, CT often looks more like a playgroup for pre- and post- natal moms and their children than a typical chiropractic office.  “I can’t believe how many babies are here” is often a comment heard by some of the other adults and grandparents who are also patients at their office.

            That is because Dr. Sloves is 1 of 10 Chiropractic Physicians in CT who is Board Certified in Maternity and Pediatric Care and Dr. Joachim is the only physician in CT with Advanced Certification in the BioSET Allergy Elimination Technique.  Together, the husband and wife team are going into their 23rd year of practice and have helped thousands of families obtain more optimal health with natural and non-invasive approaches.

            Fortunately, one pediatric condition now seemingly at epidemic proportions that they have been able to help considerably is gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD).  Mothers often bring their babies into the doctors with a medical diagnosis of GERD with complaints including frequent and painful excessive gas, frequent vomiting/spitting up, excessive crying, interrupted sleep and difficulty breastfeeding. Many babies have already been prescribed medications such as Prevacid, Prilosec or Zantac by their MDs to help symptoms. Recent research has shown that chiropractic care is extremely effective in helping these babies. In fact, one study in the Journal of Pediatric, Maternal & Family Health (May 9, 2009) documented the cases of 16 infants who were suffering with colic or acid reflux and got complete resolution of their symptoms with chiropractic care. Upon examination, upper cervical (neck) subluxations were determined to be present in all 16 cases, more than half of which was due to birth trauma.

            Dr. Sloves points out that positioning of a baby in-utero, births with C-Section or vacuum extraction, or even uncomplicated natural births can be traumatic for babies and can cause subluxations. These subluxations can irritate and compress the spinal cord and nerve structures in the neck or upper back that control the proper functioning of the gastro-intestinal tract. Correcting these misalignments with gentle chiropractic adjustments appears to eliminate the GERD and colic.

           “In addition, addressing the possibility of food allergies and sensitivities can also help tremendously”, states Dr. Joachim. “Many infants, whether breastfed or bottle fed with formula, are sensitive to what they are eating. Common sensitivities are dairy and soy which may be in formula, or even the breastfeeding mother may be eating these and other common foods such as wheat, egg, nuts, etc. that the infant is unable to tolerate. With BioSET, I am able to determine in a completely non-invasive manner with computerized testing, those foods causing the sensitivity and desensitize their system to eliminate the food allergy and improve digestive function. All of this is done painlessly without needles, medication or eliminating foods from the diet.”

For additional information or to schedule an appointment with Dr. Sloves and/or Dr. Joachim call 203.838.1555 or visit or Their office is located at 156 East Avenue, Norwalk.


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