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Symbols and Signs Demystified by Local Author

Ever wonder why you’re drawn to a certain object, number or color? Melanie Barnum has created a new workshop to answer just that!  Melanie, author of the upcoming book, The Book of Psychic Symbols:  Interpreting Intuitive Messages says it’s very common to recognize symbols and signs. Symbols are part of a psychic language we can use to interpret messages we receive intuitively.

“Often, we observe symbols without understanding what they really mean to us,” she says. “Dragonflies, for example, are noticed by many people as mystical.” However, Melanie believes it’s personal. We are drawn to specific symbols because they represent something to us on a deeper level. Melanie’s newest workshop,“Deciphering Your Personal Symbols” was created to help explore and interpret the symbols specific to each person as an individual, including why the symbol stands out. “When we explore what we are curious about we expand our awareness into our spirit, and open our soul to a more purpose driven life.”  Deciphering this symbolic language can be as challenging and as fun as you want it to be.  “Everyone can learn the meaning to symbols; the joy comes upon discovering why they are significant to you!”

Melanie Barnum is an Intuitive Counselor, Certified Hypnotist, Coach, Author, Teacher & Workshop Presenter. She is available for book signings, workshops, individual & group sessions, and is based in Ridgefield. Visit for more information and to order her book, The Book of Psychic Symbols:  Interpreting Intuitive Messages (Llewellyn Worldwide Publishing), scheduled for June release, or call 203.451.0914.


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