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Support for Worried Parents and Groaning Grads

May 24, 2012 12:26PM

As increasing numbers of young adults are “stuck” at home with limited options professionally and socially, family relationships are stressed as never before. This transitional situation can test the limits of even the sturdiest families.
Allison Spitzer, M.A., Communications and Life Skills Coach, is offering a new weekly seminar on this topic. Parents will determine what should be “off limits,” versus reasonable expectations about household contributions and interactions. Private sessions will help young adults reshape their lives, stay positive, and defuse potential hot spots at home.
“We cover family dynamics though the lens of communications. When does parental ‘support’ undermine the real goal -- independence?” she said. “Having graduates remain home for a year or more has become common. The job market is tight and cost of living is exorbitant. Families want immediate agreements, not long-term therapy. Parents today want solutions that consider their own needs, too. They wonder what boundaries or expectations are fair. Unexpectedly, families are reassessing, redefining, and re-negotiating once familiar home life.  This generation ‘texts’, gets information instantaneously, and expects the speed of drive thru lunch or online purchases in all aspects of life. With that baseline, the perseverance, patience, and perception to re-invent oneself can seem overwhelming,” she said.

Spitzer began work in expressive communications in 1975 and works with children, teens and adults. She trained at Northwestern University and is a member of the International Expressive Arts Therapy Association.

For more information contact Allison at 203.261.7615 or [email protected], or visit

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