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Energy Psychology Goes Mainstream

Denise Weber

In the world of Energy Psychology (EP), the darkness has lifted: the American Psychological Association (APA) has ruled that the Association of Comprehensive Energy Psychology (ACEP) is now allowed to sponsor Continuing Education (CE) credits to psychologists. “This matters because it ends a passionate struggle with the APA, the clinical establishment and gatekeepers to legitimizing an energy approach in the field of psychology,” according to Denise Weber, licensed holistic psychotherapist based in Fairfield County. Energy Psychology is a broad range of psychological treatments that utilize the human energy systems, like the meridians, chakras or aura, during psychological treatment. By correcting a disruption in the energy system these techniques can bring about balance within a disturbed internal pattern so that a person can change the way they think, feel and behave.

       The implications of this ruling go far beyond whether or not one is a psychologist. The APA’s prior opposition resulted in very little institutional support for energy psychology. The ban slowed down acceptance of Energy Psychology for treatment of war veterans, others with PTSD, trauma, anxiety, AD/HD along with inhibiting courses and research in academia. “Those in the field of Energy Psychology are rejoicing at this major accomplishment,” enthuses Weber.”Now that the door to the establishment has opened there will be many exciting opportunities and responsibilities of bringing effective therapies that utilize the body’s energy systems into the mainstream, empowering all to manage life more effectively.”

Denise Weber has been practicing an integrative approach to psychotherapy that includes Energy Psychology and other mind/body therapies for over 15 years. Her specialties include working with adults and teens, guiding them through the challenges of living with ADD/HD, traumatic stress, PTSD, Lyme disease or other chronic illness, anxiety and depression. For more information contact her at 203.544.6094 or visit

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