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HFI Offers Non-traditional Pastoral Counseling Masters Program

Hartford Family Institute (HFI) in West Hartford, CT announces a new, non-traditional program offering a Master’s Degree in Pastoral Counseling (MPC) with concentrations in Integrative Healing or Somatic Expressive Therapy. Developed by, and taught at, HFI, in affiliation with the Graduate Theological Foundation (GTF) of Indiana, the course curriculum leading to the MPC degree is psycho/spiritual in nature. This program is for anyone wanting to expand their consciousness who is interested in learning a healing modality which allows for transformation at the core of experience. It will assist students in working from their deepest place of wisdom, integrating theory, skill, self-awareness and integrity. The body of knowledge derived from the theory of In-Depth Body Psychotherapy and Subtle Energy Healing provides the basis of student’s education.  Students will explore their natural capacity to use both language and non-verbal means of communication. Development of their own unique embodied spirituality is a cornerstone of the program. A commitment to growth as healers provides an energetic invitation for students to explore the issues blocking them from being more grounded and alive and incur a deeper sense of centeredness and vibrancy. No denominational or religious affiliation is necessary.

For information, contact Hartford Family Institute’s Center for Psychotherapy
and Healing at, 17 South Highland Street in West Hartford, CT, 860.236.6009,
[email protected],

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