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Timing Divinely

Dec 28, 2013 07:39PM ● By Joy Marie Yascone

Most people have had occasions where no matter how hard they tried, things wouldn’t seem to shift or change. Those are times when we find ourselves fighting against the tide instead of the tide carrying us where we’d like to go. How do we get to a place where the wind is at our back and the roads rise up to meet us? As this new year begins and we reflect on years past, it’s a powerful time to take inventory of our lives; where we’ve been and where we’d like to go. We all have our challenges in this life, whether in relationships with family, spouses or partners, health, career, finances or other areas. The human experience is wrought with challenges as this is how we learn compassion. 


Wherever we place our intention, whatever we nurture or feed, grows stronger.  It is often a part of the human condition to place our intention on our issues or challenges. It seems counterintuitive to do otherwise. What do you do if you have a problem?  Think about it until you solve it. It worked in math, right? 


However, if we wish to experience the most abundant life possible, it may be wise to be counterintuitive in this instance and go against our natural human condition to nurture the problem.  This can be accomplished by shifting intention and energy to what is nurturing us as opposed to what is currently challenging us or causing us pain. In this way, we starve the challenges, thereby diminishing their power and effect. We instead feed, nurture and multiply our blessings. We generally all know what our challenges are because they scream loudly, like a baby with a soiled diaper that needs changing. In order to feed our blessings, we need to know what they are. 


So the question now becomes when the path looks so murky and dark, how do we find the blessings? One technique is looking at the astrological birth chart. Sometimes referred to as the astrological fingerprint, it is a snapshot of the stars and placements of the planets at the moment each of us took our first breath and is unique to each of us.


Through knowledgeable interpretation of our astrological fingerprint and current astrological influences, we can locate our current blessings and challenges so we can feed the correct source to achieve the desired result. It is something that takes practice but can transform your life. It is imperative to time efforts in step with the Universe; that is where the Universe is supplying divine support. So we too will live the Irish Blessing with the wind at our backs and the road rising up to meet us.


Joy Marie Yascone, MA is a composer, author, healer and astrological counselor with a MA in Holistic Health from Georgian Court University. She is a 3rd generation intuitive and focuses on astrological life coaching, intuitive medicine, intention energy healing, Holistic Wellness coaching and natural alternatives for stress management and depression. See Health Coach Directory listing, page 42.

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