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The Mobility Project

Dec 31, 2014 03:46AM ● By Kristina Centnere

Have you ever watched the way a baby crawls or how a monkey swings from tree to tree? Have you seen the way a cat will stretch itself out or how a frog can launch itself long distances with power and grace? The one thing the baby, the monkey, the cat and the frog all have in common is mobility. The definition of mobility is the ability to move or be moved freely and easily. Mobility is at the center of every other aspect of fitness, ranging from strength, endurance and flexibility to balance, agility and speed.

When the body is able to move in the manner it was originally designed to do, pain and stiffness are reduced while function and performance increase.

The human body is one of the most complex and fascinating pieces of equipment ever designed. Imagine that we have the most intricate piece of software, the human brain, paired with the most intricate piece of hardware, the human body. We have the ability to mimic almost any animal movement pattern from climbing, crawling, running,and rolling to swimming, swinging, jumping and twisting. The software and hardware are in place; however, we seem to have lost the manual to our own equipment. This is where problems begin to occur; without the proper manual and instruction to activate and utilize the body to its full potential, we have no clear idea what we are capable of. We go through life accumulating illnesses that affect how we move and, in turn, how we perform, function and feel. In a sense, mobility is the antivirus for your body.

“The body will become good at what you DO, or what you DON’T do.
If you don’t move, then you will become good at not moving.”
~ Ido Portal

When it comes to movement, the best production of force and stability comes from proper mobility in the joint and flexibility through the muscles and connective tissues. Throughout the day, week, month and year, we continue to “load” the joints inside and outside of the gym. Joint distraction is a key part of unloading that tension and stress within the joint. This is always the beginning step to “reprogramming” the body and alleviating tightness and reducing pain. Unloading those stressors is the first part to better movement.

In a society where we are constantly on the move from the moment we wake up to the moment we get home, our minds and our bodies are always on. The daily demands placed on our body are strenuous. When pairing the demand with the continued repetition of that demand and the movement, we run into problems. In order to fix these problems, the tendency is to seek out the quickest solution, whether it is surgery, shots or drugs. In some instances, these treatments may be needed, but exploring alternative methods first might be beneficial.

To help fill this gap, Chris Kalisz, owner and operator of Norwalk-based Frost Fitness LLC, conceived The Mobility Project. The new workout technique infuses yoga, creative dance movement, martial arts and gymnastics. With a sports athletic background and 12 years as a professional wrestler, Kalisz had come to recognize the invaluable importance of movement and mobility. He believes maintaining proper posture, form and function to make moving as efficient as possible are keys to the “fountain of youth.” The Mobility Project introduces new concepts into the traditional ways of thinking when it comes to fitness, offering participants the ability to actively make a change in the way they feel, the way they move, and the way they view fitness.

“I want to help anyone who is looking to improve their lives and reduce any pain, by helping them to improve not only their movement patterns, but understand their own movements and how it ultimately affects the outcome of their health,” Kalisz explains.

The Mobility Project is a functional movement and performance enhancement program that is held in a class format; it can also be done in the gym or at home. You only need your own body to get started for the basics.

“Chris changed my life after I was scheduled to have surgery on my IT Band this Christmas. I have been a dancer my entire life, and over the last two years have been in extreme pain. After three doctors and four physical therapists, with little to no relief, surgery was offered as the BEST option. I worked with Chris for 5 sessions before going back to college and his mobility project took my pain from a nine out of 10, all the way to a two out of 10. It’s the best I have felt in three years and I haven’t even thought of surgery since,” says Mobility Project client Allie Daut about her experience with the work.

For more information about The Mobility Project, contact Chris Kalisz at 203-984-2556 or [email protected].

Kristina Centnere, owner of Ekat Development and founder of Total Wellness Connect, works with top local health and wellness professionals. Connect with her at [email protected].

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