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Cosmic Rhythms: An Astro-Overview of 2015

Feb 02, 2015 05:38PM ● By Alethea Hunt

look at 2015 begins with a list of dates that Mercury retrogrades during the year: January 21-February 11 (in Aquarius), May 18-June 11 (in Gemini) and September 17-October 9 (in Libra).

Every Mercury retrograde in 2015 takes place in the social AIR signs with Aquarius focused on friendships and social networks, Gemini for siblings, kin and neighbors, and Libra for “pairings” of all stripes, whether it be with a romantic or business partner or a close friend. We shouldn’t be surprised to find ourselves back into contact with one (or more) of these aforementioned people from our past with Mercury backtracking in these signs. There may be unfinished business to be concluded or something left unsaid; Mercury may reopen hailing frequencies again—even if only for a short while.

The next item is a trine between Jupiter in Leo and Uranus in Aries on March 3. This signifies unexpected luck or surprising opportunities getting off the ground now – even as the disruptive Uranus-Pluto square tightens to make its final formation on March 16. Potential financial implications and impact on relationships are possible for some with the Venus (and Mars) involvement. On one level, safe or stable but possibly confining situations in our lives may crumble; however, Jupiter’s involvement holds the promise for something bigger and better to evolve – an opportunity amidst adversity – if we keep our hearts open. This influence may also cause instability by upending traditional gender norms in unions for a freer expression of our animus/anima. The preponderance of Aries planets favors the new over the same old status quo, so be prepared to make leaps and do things differently. A final powwow between Jupiter and Uranus occurs in June.

The start to the Astrological New Year on March 20 is super potent thanks to a solar eclipse happening on the exact same day as the vernal equinox. This eclipse occurs on 29˚ Pisces, the final degree of the zodiac. Indeed, it seems significant endings make way for major new beginnings between March and April. If you get a message of some kind to let something or someone go near this eclipse, do take heart that it’s likely to be divinely guided. Other eclipses also occur on April 4 and September 13 and 27.

Version 3.0 of the Jupiter/Uranus Trine on June 2 receives another fiery kiss from Venus, now into Leo this time. Big financial opportunities associated with children, the use of our creativity/talents, and/or involvement in the visual/performing arts can open up. It’s also good “mojo” for love and dating; try deviating from your normal “type” or try meeting someone through friends or off the internet. Uranus favors making space to be pleasantly surprised. This could also be “baby-making” energy for anyone looking to have kids. For those encountering challenges, expanding into non-traditional ways of having children – whether biologically or through adoption – near this time are encouraged.

Elsewhere, a Venus retrograde from July 25 through September 6 impacts relationships, especially creative collaborations, relations with children and dating. Could recent good fortune in these areas have you reassessing with a more critical eye? While something about gift horses and mouths does come to mind, healthy discernment can safeguard against the proverbial Trojan horses. Know that the tendency to critique relationships is heightened for better or worse the entire time Venus backtracks; it is strongest the first week of this period. Relational discord may surface if people feel unappreciated or a lack of attention; particular care should be taken with children, creative partners and/or lovers. Heartfelt expressions of love works wonders to escalate escalated drama.

Next, on August 3, Saturn in Scorpio squares Jupiter in Leo. This can amplify up relational drama retro Venus involved, especially with people you are dating, your kids or creative collaborations. To minimize, it is important to recognize situations and relationships that tax your energetic reserves and put the brakes on them. Avoid playing into this combo’s Lo-Fi tendency for drama or self-centered behavior. Identify the aforementioned behaviors in others from a distance to avoid getting sucked into “playing the game.” For parents and stepparents, say no to power struggles with kids and set appropriate rules and boundaries without clamping down too hard. Check into what your children do with their “off time” and who they spend it with to protect against the hazards of too much partying. For adults, this is also an ideal moment to get a handle on any shadow behaviors you may be exhibiting with your children as parents in order to strengthen and improve your bonds. In general, this time shows that life is too short to waste time and effort on relationships that are a lot of work for minimal joy. Good relationships should mutually uplift; if one constantly drags you down, isn’t supporting you in a crisis, or never seems to have time for you for whatever reason, take the opportunity to address the issue. Don’t be afraid to reduce the level of investment or even unplug if need be to prevent further energy leakage. It’s not selfish to protect against bleed-out; it’s self-full.

Jupiter enters Virgo on August 11, which can be a year-long boom for critical thinking, discernment, those in service fields or trades and health matters. An improved diet, better fitness routine, or possibly even adding some supplements to your intake may be emphasized with Jupiter focusing on health. Consulting your doctor or nutritionist about the benefits of a liver detox might be beneficial once this planet takes up residence in Virgo. Because Jupiter opposes Neptune on September 17, this can blur lines where more isn’t always better; a good use of this opposition entails looking at well-intentioned vehicles for wellness – natural or prescription – that could inadvertently do more harm than good. Aim instead for moderation, listening closely to any intuitive sense you may have about something being “good” or “bad” for us. Balance the physical aspects of wellness with the oft-overlooked restorative or spiritual components – a simple meditation or yoga practice and more or better sleep might be a good start.

At the end of the year, Saturn in Sagittarius squares Neptune in Pisces for the first time on November 26. This square represents tests of faith and verification of your paradigms – specifically regarding your spirituality and morals. It appears Saturn may work to weed out any tendencies for hypocrisy or self-delusion. On a broader scale, this square may also test your perspectives on reality versus fantasy.

A practitioner of Western Tropical astrology, Alethea Hunt has been practicing for more than 17 years. Connect with her at 203-917-6312, [email protected] or