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Vibrational Medicine To Eradicate Lyme

Jul 01, 2015 03:27PM ● By Andrea Candee

When someone does not fully and quickly recover from Lyme disease with a round or two of antibiotics, it may be because viruses are also involved. While conventional medications do not affect viruses, viruses do respond to the modality of quantum physics, the science behind vibrational medicine. This type of healing approach is now being used to target and eradicate viral co-infections as well as bacteria in people with Lyme disease.

Every living organism has its own signature vibration. When the vibration of a pathogen – a virus, for example – is identified, a natural remedy can be made to dismantle the virus. Think of an opera singer who shatters a champagne glass because both the note and the glass vibrate at the identical frequency. In much the same way, the electrical charge in a vibrational remedy gradually breaks apart the targeted virus without harming the body that surrounds it.

Vibrational remedies are gentle and safe and do not interfere with conventional medical treatment. They are delivered orally in drops of water that have been charged and stored in water structured to sustain them for long periods of time.

Not yet recognized as a scientific method, the vibrational approach is still considered experimental. Yet the results are speaking for themselves as people who’ve suffered for years from the effects of Lyme disease often see reversal of their symptoms.

Andrea Candee, a master herbalist with a practice in Westchester, NY, has been nationally recognized for her approach to addressing chronic Lyme disease. She is an instructor for the NY Botanical Garden and author of Gentle Healing for Baby & Child. Connect with her at 914-967-6080 or