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Essential Oils for Lyme Disease Treatment

Jul 01, 2015 02:21PM ● By Kristen Hallett Rzasa

Lyme disease and its many co-infections have become a widespread epidemic, are difficult to diagnose, and often take many years and multiple practitioners before they are discovered and treated. Antibiotics and even an individual’s immune system have been shown to be ineffective in breaking down biofilm materials, allowing access to the pathogens. Biofilm is not only challenging in Lyme disease but in all chronic conditions. It is the extracellular material which holds the communities of bacteria together in a sessile community. The biofilm composition is often of mucopolysaccharide material, but can also be of extracellular DNA. These communities of varied bacteria and pathogens live, thrive and spread throughout the body with an intelligence to communicate through movement, vibration, sound, electromagnetism and chemical signals. This is called Quorum sensing.

While it is necessary to break down these destructive biofilm communities in order to bring the body back into balance, there is an important order allowing for the body to tap into the healing process. If a person breaks down biofilm, releasing the pathogens in the blood without having the elimination channels working properly, it’s possible to experience the “die off” or what is called the Jarisch-Herxheimer reaction. For Lyme disease patients, it can be a reaction to antibiotic treatments. It resembles bacterial sepsis and occurs when dead or dying bacteria release toxins into blood and tissues at a startling rate.

Kristin VanWey of Essentials First was misdiagnosed and suffered many years with a debilitating case of Lyme and co-infections and turned to essential oils as one key element in her journey to regain her vitality. “Purity, potency and consistency of essential oils are of the utmost importance when working with anyone compromised,” explains VanWey. “I found I received my best results using essential oils and supplements.” Oils that have been proven to dissolve biofilm include oregano, clove, melaleuca, thyme and eucalyptus.

“Essential oils have many unique properties that work synergistically with the body’s own healing abilities. The body is designed to heal itself when given the proper tools and environment. Essential oils have chemical constituents that absorb easily and quickly in to the blood as well as brain chemistry. Because they are natural, they don’t have the side effects that many pharmaceutics have. Oils have the ability to cross the cell wall and blood brain barrier, which creates opportunities not available with a synthetic product. Many viruses and pathogens live inside cells, hiding from the immune system or antibiotics. This is why essential oils are such an effective addition to any protocol,” explains VanWey.

Some oils found to be effective with Lyme disease when used at the proper time to support the process are melissa, oregano, cassia, cinnamon, thyme, melaleuca, lemongrass and arborvitae.

VanWey believes treatment of Lyme disease requires a whole system approach to wellness to strengthen, nourish, cleanse and restore. She devotes her time to educating those suffering with autoimmune conditions on how to become healthy from the ‘inside out.’

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Kristen Hallett Rzasa is the owner of InterPlay Health, a whole-life wellness company in Norwalk focused on fitness, nutrition and fun for women. She is a Jazzercise instructor, health coach, and MELT Method instructor. Connect with her at InterPlay

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