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Natural Awakenings Fairfield Cty/Housatonic Valley, CT

Kure Spa Wellness Center in Spa Disguise

Jul 01, 2015 03:19PM ● By Nicole Miale

Steven Geoffrion and Greg Lew only knew each other for four months when they decided to go into business together. Introduced by Lew’s wife, the vegan nutritionist and the adjunct Fairfield University professor collaborated over a year’s time to develop the vision for what has become Norwalk’s Kure Spa: a wellness center with a spa feel. “It’s a new concept but people have responded very well to it,” Geoffrion say. “They like our concept of creating wellness and emphasizing health in a luxurious spa environment.”

Kure Spa – which includes an organic juice bar, Vibrosaun machines, therapeutic massage and a yoga studio – opened at the end of 2014 and has quickly gained a devoted following. “We’re more of a wellness center than a spa,” Lew says. “Our concept has always been focused on assisting our clients to take charge of their health by providing products and services not only to reduce stress, but to kick start and empower their body’s own healing capacities. In the U.S., we tend not to prioritize our own health until there is a major problem. The idea here is to take better care of ourselves along the way so the bigger issues don’t need to occur.”

Kure Spa’s model and current offerings are based on what they define as the four pillars of health – detoxify, exercise, relax and re-nourish. “Because we usually neglect our physical selves until things break down, we must deprogram our bad habits before we can create the good habits that will be healthier and more beneficial over the long-term,” Lew explains. “That’s the driving principle behind the four pillars. The massage and Vibrosaun detoxify the system, the juice bar re-nourishes the body, and yoga provides balance and realignment of our mind-body-spirit.” In conjunction with these modalities, Kure Spa also offers chiropractic care, cold laser therapy and Reiki sessions.

While the Vibrosaun machine has been widely used in Australia and Europe for over 25 years, Kure Spa is the first Vibrosaun-authorized clinic to open in the United States. The Vibrosaun uses heat and whole-body vibration to stimulate lymphatic and blood flow by dilating blood vessels and increasing circulation throughout the body, thereby reducing inflammation and providing the cardiovascular benefit equivalent to an actual workout, Geoffrion says.

A typical session in the machine is 30-45 minutes and the frequency of a client’s visits for detoxification will vary depending on their physical conditions and needs. As with any health and wellness program, the Vibrosaun requires commitment and consistency for best results. “Think of the Vibrosaun as an exercise program that needs to be committed to and done regularly in order to see and feel measurable results,” Geoffrion says. The partners are interested to better understand the effects of Vibrosaun on specific conditions and are planning to launch a weight loss program, as well as a Lyme disease trial in coming months.

While the spa has a member-based concept, Geoffrion and Lew have designed their offerings to be easily customizable, with flexible options and a la carte pricing. They expect this approach will serve clients well as the center’s offerings expand over time. Pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) therapy, herbs and acupuncture are new therapies to be added in the coming year, along with an elixir bar where herbal remedies will be prepared specifically to aid treatment of specific conditions.

Strong advocates of a vegan, plant-based lifestyle, the pair also plans to offer vegan food options in the near future.

The wellness center benefited from the closing of the Mrs. Greens location in Wilton earlier this year by enabling them to hire their juice bar manager. She is actively involved in the design of juice cleanse programs, which are very popular, Geoffrion says.

Looking forward, Lew is particularly excited about the prospect of offering PEMF to clients. Used for both pain management and cellular regeneration, PEMF actually can help restore damaged cells, creating new hope for relief and even a cure for people suffering from a myriad of ailments. It also addresses the problems arising from the ever-increasing electronic smog surrounding our environment. “In the cyber-
age, we are constantly inundated by electro-smog from cellphones, laptops, wifi and we can’t get away from it,” Lew says. “Even though we are aware of it, we can’t avoid it and this has vast effects on our bodies at a cellular level, some of which we are still discovering. PEMF can help repair that cellular damage.”

Kure Spa offers a popular package called Relax, Renew, Re-Nourish, which provides a sampling of their key services. A Vibrosaun session begins the detox process by warming and relaxing your mind and body, preparing you for the therapeutic massage session to follow. After the 60-minute massage, clients are ready to re-nourish their bodies with vitamins and minerals in the form of an organic juice or smoothie. “This package began as an introductory offer but it was so popular that now we’ve made it part of our regular membership offerings,” Geoffrion says.

Geoffrion and Lew would like Kure Spa to become a hub for community wellness activities in Fairfield County. They have monthly lectures and events open to the public and offer the juice bar for groups to meet. “We are the spa of the future,” Geoffrion says. “People may come to relax, but they’re going to get healthier in the process.”

Nicole Miale is publisher of Natural Awakenings Fairfield County. Connect with her at [email protected].

Kure Spa and Yoga is located at 430 Main Ave, Norwalk. For more information or to make an appointment, visit or call 203-857-1500. See ad, back cover.