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Mitigating Vaccine Risks: Natural Ways to Support the Immune System Pre- and Post-Vaccination

Aug 01, 2015 03:23AM ● By Ariana Rawls Fine

After making the decision to get a vaccine for yourself or your child, it is important to consult with a health practitioner to evaluate where your child or you could use some support to maximize immune system function. The HealSpace, a Stamford-based prenatal and family holistic center, recently hosted a workshop on this topic. The center’s owner and director, Elissa Diamond-Fields, DC, provided information on vaccinations while Jason Barker, a naturopathic physician practicing in Westport, focused on ways to reduce the risks of vaccinations. 


Common sense steps such as getting enough sleep, eating non-GMO food, organic food with no preservatives or artificial agents and getting enough exercise are key to boosting your immune system. In addition there are a number of therapeutic agents that can help build a strong, competent immune system before you or your child visit a doctor’s office for the vaccination.

• Omega 3s can help increase resiliency and down regulate a hyper-reactive immune response.

• Boosting the immune system with vitamin A can increase the antibody response and boost the immune system.

• Vitamin B12 is important to proper functioning of the immune system and cellular immunity.

• It is well-known that vitamin C helps us fight infections and boosts immune functions.

• Support your enzymatic system to ensure optimal cell functioning. Magnesium is a co-factor for over 200 different cellular enzymatic reactions in the body. Other examples of minerals and vitamin co-factors that can help are zinc, copper, magnesium, cobalt, molybedunum, manganese and
B vitamins.

• Colonize the digestive tract with healthy bacteria with probiotics. Probiotics play a huge role in healthy immune function by populating the digestive tract and directly competing with harmful bacteria for food and colonization space.


Biotherapeutic drainage is a European technique that focuses on removing cellular toxins and waste. It is important to have a clean pathway for the toxic materials in vaccines to leave and/or be bound up. It is recommended to start drainage before, again right after and then repeat for the next nine days after vaccination.

Homeopathic remedies the day before and then for nine additional days after vaccination is also suggested. In addition, botanicals recommended by your naturopath – taken for one week – can help bind up the heavy minerals found in vaccines. Your practitioner may also offer supplements for gastrointestinal and anti-viral support.


Many of the suggestions for pre-vaccination can be used following the injection to help the body detoxify – such as omega 3 fish oils, probiotics and vitamin C. If you or your child has an adverse reaction to the vaccine, work with your naturopath to find the most appropriate homeopathic nosode preparation and/or botanical mixture. Biotherapeutic drainage can also be used after vaccination to detoxify. Your practitioner may also recommend other remedies based on your medical history, the particular vaccine and other pertinent information.

Jason Barker, ND, a graduate of Bastyr University’s naturopathic medical school, helps his patients restore physiology and alleviate their toxic burden using
individualized naturopathic treatment plan. He can be reached at

Elissa Diamond-Fields, DC has been practicing chiropractic, bodywork and family holistic health care since 1999. HealSpace offers chiropractic, massage, acupuncture, psychotherapy, yoga, nutrition, workshops and other associated healing services. For more information, visit

Ariana Rawls Fine is editor of Natural Awakenings Fairfield County. She resides in Stratford with her family.