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Whole-Body Vibration for Fibromyalgia

An estimated 5 million people in the U.S. are affected by fibromyalgia’s muscle, ligament and tendon pain, along with often concomitant depression, insomnia and cognitive issues. The syndrome has a painful impact on sufferers’ quality of life and productivity with about 17 days of work missed per year, according to Centers for Disease Control estimates, nearly three times the average for an adult without fibromyalgia. The condition is also linked to a high percentage of accidents and suicides. Many sufferers lead a more sedentary lifestyle to avoid resulting pain but such inactivity can actually worsen the symptoms in addition to leading to other issues such as diabetes, high blood pressure and weight gain.

A study from Indiana University-Purdue University researchers in 2014 found that whole-body vibration exercise has the potential to help fibromyalgia patients reduce muscle spasticity and painful symptoms and improve quality of life. The whole-body vibrating machine’s vibrations transmit energy that forces the patient’s muscles to continuously contract and relax while the person is in a standing, sitting or prone position.

In addition to the machine, short bursts of other muscle-strengthening and aerobic exercises can also help with pain symptoms. Those with fibromyalgia should consult with their doctor to inquire whether the therapy would be a good fit for their symptoms.

The vibration machines, which can be purchased for home use or be found at some fitness clubs, may also improve flexibility and weight loss. One such machine from Vibrosaun offers two modalities in one machine by providing a therapeutic dry sauna heat as well as a padded vibrating bed.

Norwalk-based Kure Spa is the one of only two Vibrosaun-authorized clinics in the U.S. Kure Spa can be reached at or 203-857-1500.

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