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Polarity Therapy Supports Optimal Flow

Sep 04, 2015 02:39AM ● By Sheila LaSella

photo courtesy: Polarity Therapy Vol. 1, Dr. Stone

Sometimes, your life seems to flow effortlessly. You have high energy, peace of mind, restful sleep and low stress. At other times, it feels like you’re swimming through mud. You can’t get off the couch, your mind is a tornado, you eat donuts for dinner and even your best friend irritates you. Part of the answer may be that, at your most subtle level, your life force energy is not flowing in a healthy, vibrant way. It is blocked in its movement through energy pathways in the body.

Dr. Randolph Stone (1890-1981), the creator of polarity therapy, believed obstructed movement of life force caused health to deteriorate in the body, mind and spirit. As a naturopath, osteopath and chiropractor, he studied both Eastern and Western medical systems in depth. He based much of polarity therapy on Ayurvedic medicine from India, with its central concept of prana or vital life force, and how to return it to a harmonious, balanced state. 

At one of its most fundamental levels, the universe is based on polarities—positive and negative forces that interact to create life and its various forms. These forces make up the atoms in your bodies. They also contain the energy of attraction and repulsion that create waves of movement to and from a neutral source. It is this movement in the body and the mind that polarity therapy addresses.

To facilitate the optimal flow of life force, Stone developed a system of bodywork to release blocks in the energetic anatomy. Along with the physical aspect of the body, polarity therapy recognizes a subtle, energetic anatomy consisting of chakras or energy centers (located along the spine), long vertical energy lines (running from head to foot), transverse currents (running across the body) and spiral currents (running from the navel outward). By using various types of touch, a polarity therapist enhances life force flow through these patterns, which activate the body’s healing power.

A typical polarity therapy session lasts 60-90 minutes and is done fully clothed, with the main goal to create flow. Sometimes, due to stress, trauma, injuries or emotional issues, life force energy becomes stuck. When this occurs, disorders move from the energy systems into physical form—such as a backache, digestive problems, headaches or stress. If imbalances are resolved at the energetic level, they don’t move into the denser, physical body.

Through polarity therapy techniques—which include stimulation of specific points on the body, reflexology, gentle compression, stretching and rocking—this blocked energy starts to flow. This activates the body’s natural healing abilities. 

“Going through life’s ups and downs has a way of wearing on you. Slowly but surely life’s obstacles, heartaches and difficulties have a way of depositing a film over your soul. By receiving polarity treatment, I am able to feel like myself again. The whole me. The me that was and is strong enough to get through difficult times. After treatment, I don’t have the negative tag-alongs lingering both in my heart and in my mind… I feel refreshed, peaceful and, most importantly, strong enough to take on the next set of challenges that may come my way,” says Lee Rumley, who has been receiving polarity therapy for nearly two years.

Polarity Therapy in the Workplace

As alternative therapies move into the mainstream and people begin to recognize their strength as preventative medicine, corporate America is taking notice. Parker Hannifin, a manufacturer of motion and control technologies, offers polarity therapy to its employees on-site. Insurance covers 80 percent of the cost and employees pay 20 percent of the services. 

Grace Humphrey, a board certified polarity practitioner, provides polarity at the company’s Woburn, Massachusetts, location. “I would say the number one effect that the employees have shared with me is that they feel less stressed and many have been relieved of general aches and pains. I have seen many recover from shoulder pains, neck aches and backaches,” she states. “I have even noticed some people retired after a few sessions; I believe this is because once they allowed their bodies to relax enough, they realized how much stress they had been under for so long. Polarity can really provide that kind of clarity and the support to transform into a healthier life.” 

“Energy is the real substance behind the appearance of matter and forms,” said Stone. Polarity therapists work with this energy on very deep levels and in a very precise way to improve these matter and forms. In order to accomplish this, practitioners undergo extensive training and a national certification process that enables them to help others enhance the core of their being so their lives can flow effortlessly.

Sheila LaSella is a polarity therapist, Reiki practitioner, massage therapist and meditation teacher. She is the owner of Stillpoint Healing Therapies, LLC located in Fairfield. She can be reached at 203-927-4055, [email protected] or