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New Support for Single Parents and Child Development

Ingi Soliman and Richard Spangenberg

The Broken Promises Foundation, a nonprofit based in Westport, has launched its Single Parenting and Child Development Advisory Group, offering leadership and professional guidance. Broken Promises provides support efforts and an online resource center for single parents and their children.

The organization also works to educate and share knowledge with other professionals on how to better deal with family issues for those affected by hardships of separation, divorce and single parenthood.

“The creation of the group is very exciting in that it will produce much good for those that might not be able to afford it. It gives professionals in the industry the chance to offer nuggets of wisdom and self-help guidance for struggling single parent families and their children throughout the country,” said Dr. Ingi Soliman of Westport, chairman of the group’s governing committee.

“Broken Promises represents the struggles of single parent families who are working hard but not able to have a chance at the American dream due to financial stress and the need for further education,” said Richard Spangenberg, executive director of the foundation. In addition to an easy-to-use resource center, the nonprofit will provide additional support for those struggling just above the poverty line so they can maintain independence without government assistance. For these working families, Broken Promises plans on offering educational scholarships for children, gift card financial support to cover a family’s basic needs, and preschool and day care assistance.

The Advisory Group is currently comprised of over eight individuals in the fields of psychology, social work and community mental health and educators in the Connecticut, New York, New Jersey and Massachusetts areas but will be expanding across the country.

Professionals interested in joining the advisory group can go to Single families in need of guidance or assistance can visit Donations can be made at

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