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Untangling Cords of Attachment: How to Recognize and Release Connections You No Longer Want

We form energy cords that connect us to every person, place, time and event in our lives. We form these cords at the grocery store when we speak to the cashier or the cute guy we make eye contact with at the park. In the beginning, these cords are small and superficial but, as we develop deeper relationships, these cords grow in size. Our largest cords are often those that connect us to our family and loved ones.

The purpose of these cords is to allow us to connect and exchange energy and information to help us get to know another person better. They can help when we are trying to gain insight into a person’s intentions, motivations or interest in us. But these same cords also allow for the energy exchange to continue long after the interactions. Have you ever had the experience of not being able to get a person or interaction out of your mind or felt exhausted and drained around a particular person? These are examples of cord activity. They also hold us in the vibration of relationship from when these cords were first formed and can stifle the growth of a relationship. It can cause us to hold onto the past and negative experiences and cloud our feelings towards a person.

These cords are formed from each of our chakras and connect with the chakras of another person. However, the majority of our cords are connected through our navel chakra.

Cords can also be formed to specific places, such as a favorite nature walk, home, work and even to places in the past such as a high school football field. Most of the time, these places are ones of comfort or good memories. Other times, they are cords to scary places or recollections. By keeping these cords, we are perpetuating our attachment to the trauma that occurred at that place. It is just as important to look at the cords we hold to the events that shaped our lives—which are often crossroad choice points. Many times, we are still connected to the regret, sadness or loss of that time. As a natural part of our life, we often experience or hold on to moments or periods of intense emotion. These cords follow the law of attraction; when you have cords attached to fear, stress or anxiety, you can create more and more, causing a sea of emotion from which it can be difficult to free ourselves.

There are many methods out there for releasing these cords, including one from an Australian guru, Sri Shakti Durga. The method utilizes electric violet light (EV)—also known as the violet flame and the healing light of St. Germain—to intensify the strength of the cutting of the cords. The steps are numbered below:

1. Use your intention that you can breathe in light through your crown chakra (top of head) as you breathe in. Visualize this light as a white light with little violet sparkles in it. Breathe it all the way through the body, passing through all the chakras, and release it out the base of your spine into the earth.

2. Repeat the same breath to the heart chakra (center of chest) and intend that it moves down the arms and into the hands, coating the hands with the EV light.

3. Breathe in the light and push outward from your body’s center line. Do this simultaneously with step 4.

4. Take one hand and place it behind your neck where it meets your back (if you cannot reach, intend it does reach) and then, in a smooth motion, bring your hand over the top of your head and down the front of your body, passing through all the chakras (especially the navel). Switch hands and repeat as needed or a minimum of three times.

When the steps are completed, you should feel noticeably lighter and more peaceful. This practice is enough to cut small cords; however, this will need to be done repeatedly to fully cut larger cords. Those large cords have been there for some time; if they were to cut too quickly, you might feel sadness, loneliness or a number of other emotions. Occasionally, the other person will have an awareness that something has changed between you. They may contact you not long after or perhaps might even say you feel more distant. Take that as a sign of success and cut those cords again.

A good practice to implement is doing cord cutting every morning upon waking and every night before bed. It may be helpful during the bedtime practice to concentrate on your day and cut any unwanted cords to people, conversations or emotions that come to mind. It is especially recommended to cut cords with your partner and children. Understand that you cannot cut cords of love; instead, you are only releasing cords of lower vibrations and allowing for more room for love.

The practice of cutting the cords of attachment is empowering and liberating for both the person cutting and the person on the receiving side.

Sierra North, based in Monroe, is an Ignite your Spirit therapist, shamanicpractitioner/teacher, crystal dreaming practitioner, and Reiki master/teacher of the Usui Shiki Ryoho tradition. For more information, visit or call 203-518-5808.

Some Situations Where it May be Especially Helpful to Cut Cords

From children when they are pushing your buttons. You will be a more balanced, calm and in control parent.

After leaving work, before returning home. You will be more present and calm for your family.

After a disagreement or any unpleasant encounter. You will be able to let it go.

Between your clients, especially if you are in the healthcare or alternative healing fields. You will be able to focus completely on each one and not take their energy home with you.

Relationships with prior partners or after recent break-ups. It may be simpler to move on and will often affect your current relationship in a positive way.

Extreme sadness after loss of a loved one. You will find it easier to heal and move through the stages of grief.

When you are in fear, anxiety, stress or any intense emotion. You will often feel more peaceful, focused and capable, and will increase the amount of energy you have.

When you are feeling stuck, trapped or limited. You will feel more optimistic and new solutions or ideas can often appear.

Past projects, dreams or goals that were never attained. You will have more energy to help you move forward.

When you have a strong expectation (positive or negative) or attachment to a specific outcome. You will create more space for your desired outcome to manifest and give way for unexpected positive surprises.

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