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2016 is a Year of Transformation: What will that be like for you?

Feb 02, 2016 05:19PM ● By Greer Jonas

Transformation by Greer Jonas

If you could let go of all obstacles, what would your 2016 New Year resolution list show?

Looking at 2016 from a numerological view, the frequency of nine (2+0+1+6=9) is all about transformation and change. Your life is accelerating at a pace that might not make sense. It can feel like an upheaval of sorts is occurring in every aspect of your life—your body, mind and spirit, as well as career and relationships.

Upheaval can be an opportunity for you to observe the patterns in your life and how you have approached things in the past. Rather than panicking, this might be an opportunity to take a step in a different direction.

Are you ready to create new intentions that can shift your life? But isn’t this what you promise to do every year? What may be different about 2016 resolutions is the willingness to let go of your belief system and to embrace the unknown.

A 2016 Vision Quest through Numerology

Below are five steps to discovering a more empowered vision for your life.

Step One: Find your personal year number. Add the sum of your birthday month and day to the current year to find your specific personal year number. With the transformational energy of 2016, the theme of this year is the pivotal breath of what inspires you in life. This is a great opportunity to look at what holds you down and what empowers you to thrive.

If you were born April 1, then your personal year for 2016 is a 5 (4+1+2+0+1+6=14 then 1+4=5). Continue to reduce the number to a single digit unless the numbers add to 11 or 22; when two digits are the same, they are called master numbers and you do not reduce them.

Below is a brief word or phrase that symbolizes the brilliance and the lessons of your personal year numbers. You can also look on my website to find out more about your personal year.

Personal Year Numbers and Their Lessons

1. I Am: Stepping forward into the unknown. New beginnings

2. Relationships: Connecting with all relationships with an open heart

3. Creativity: Expressing your voice and creative expression

4. Rock: Expanding past limitations as a successful builder and organizer.

5. Freedom: Embracing freedom, change and being out there in the world

6. Compassion: Sharing love and compassion for self and others

7. OM: Connecting to inner self, spirit and truth

8. Empowerment: Fearlessly embracing your power and abundance

9. Transformation: Seeing the bigger picture and being willing to change

11. Enlightenment: With intuitive guidance, connect as the leader and inspirer

22. *Namaste: Opening to your brilliance and building something that has never been built before.

*Namaste translation: I bow to the light within you.

Step Two: Meditate. Sit in a comfortable position and close your eyes. Take a deep breath and breathe in strength, adventure and excitement. With every exhale, release all the worry, stress and fear. Chant your word and ask for guidance to approach each new day. Let go of all thoughts and breathe. Open your eyes, massage your face, and get out your pen, colored pencils and a journal.

Step Three: Create. Create your 2016 intention vision with your word in mind and the guidance you received. For example, you can ask yourself if taking a certain class you have always wanted to take will help you to feel “freedom”. Let go of what was or should be and list actions or things you wish to transform or manifest.

Perhaps your list could be in the form of a vision board, illustrating visually the different changes you would like in every aspect of your life. You could use
cut up images from a magazine or just draw or paint a symbol.

Step Four: Daily journaling. You might begin a daily journal tuning into your vision and write daily affirmations or insights. Feel free to be creative with this by taking out your colored pencils and drawing instead of writing.

Step Five: Act. Do something new every day that might be a stretch but will be towards your happiness and growth.

Greer Jonas is an intuitive numerologist, teacher and artist for over 25 years living in New York City. Contact her for private readings and class schedule at [email protected]. Numerology website: Art website: