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Animals and Energetics: Providing a Positive Environment for Pets

Mar 04, 2016 03:51PM ● By Mary Oquendo

Have you ever wondered if animals respond to the energy that surrounds them? It isn’t if, but how. Animals are more in tune to the world around them than people are because they have not used their minds to put up walls of disbelief. You will not find a cow standing on a soapbox denigrating energetic work. Animals know instinctively what they feel and respond accordingly.

This is a two-sided coin. Animals living in positive environments can thrive. On the other hand, they can absorb and react to stress and illnesses in their people. While avoiding life’s challenges is not an option, we can be mindful of the overall environment we provide for our pets.

There are two ways to approach applying good energetic practices for your pets. The first is through energetic practitioners and the second is making conscious changes to your household.

Energetic Practitioners

Any “laying of hands” on a pet’s body and working within their aura constitutes energy work. This includes, but is not limited to:

• Acupressure - Gentle pressure with fingertips or crystal wands is exerted along specific points along the meridians. A meridian is the pathway through which energy flows within a body.

• Crystal therapy - Crystals are placed in a geometric arrangement around the body or in a grid nearby. Crystals emit a stable energetic wave that is similar to human and animal energetic patterns. Through the Principle of Wave Interference, crystals are able to influence the inherent instability of energetic configurations of living beings. A grid is a geometric display that utilizes sacred geometry. Sacred geometric patterns are found in all living beings and throughout the universe. A grid boosts the properties of crystals.

• Integrated energy therapy (IET) - Trained therapists remove energetic blocks on a cellular level.

• Massage - Manual manipulation by hands on soft tissue, connective tissue, ligaments, muscles and tendons to release tension in those areas.

• Reiki - An ancient Japanese technique that clears energetic blockages anywhere in the body by channeling universal life force energy.

• Therapeutic Touch - Circular patterns of touch on specific areas on a pet’s body that influences well-being and emotions.

Crystal therapy, Reiki and IET can be performed remotely as well as in person.

Household Changes

• Aromatherapy - An essential oils is a hydrophobic liquid that contains the volatile oils distilled from the bark, berries, flowers, leaves, peels, resin, rhizomes, seeds, stems or wood of living plants. Essential oils are diluted in carrier oils such as almond, apricot kernel, citrus or grape seed. Diffuse calming essential oils—such as lavender, geranium or chamomile—into the air by means of a water diffuser. Hot plate diffusers will denature the essential oil, which may pose a health risk. Essentials oils may be diffused safely around cats providing the cat has no respiratory issues and should not be used around birds.

• Crystals - Blue lace agate, lepidolite and amethyst have calming properties, while red jasper, mookaite and hematite are grounding. Place raw chunks out of reach of your pets around your home as they may pose a choking hazard.

• Denning - A den is a place of refuge or security. It’s a place to retreat to when life has become overwhelming or stressful. Cats generally create one by finding a spot in a closet, but dogs need to have one provided for them. Set up a crate in a quiet place and cover all but the opening with a sheet or blanket.

• Music - Pets have far more sensitive hearing than we do. Music in either the lower or higher frequencies can agitate rather than calm a pet. There is music designed specifically for soothing a stressed pet.

• Space clearing - A space clearing removes built up negative energy that accumulates from daily living and replaces it with fresh, positive energy. The easiest way to do this is with sound or space clearing sprays. Sound physically moves the energy so that it breaks up. Suggestions include tingsha bells, drums, rattles, chanting, crystal bowls and uplifting music. Space clearing sprays use essential oils, crystal essences and intent to dissipate congested energy. Usually a couple of pumps of these sprays on a daily basis not only adds serenity, but smells wonderful as well.

Being mindful of how energetics affect your pets not only benefits the animals, but the humans in the household as well.

Mary Oquendo is a Reiki master, advanced crystal master and certified master pet tech pet first aid instructor. She is the co-owner of Hands and Paws-Reiki for All. She can be reached at See ad, page 60.

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