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Enhance Your Healing Practices: How to Access the Three Geniuses

Sep 02, 2016 01:57AM ● By JoJo Keane

We are searching to be our best selves, to receive understanding or confirmation from the outer world. But what about attending to the world inside us? Once we come to know the mind, body and emotion connections and how they interact, we discover the connectivity that lies there. As we learn to decipher the different language of each form— how they interact, communicate and how to unify them—we become a master interpreter; we join in union with our personal “geniuses”.

Meet Our Geniuses: Mind, Body and Emotion

These three wise gatekeepers are the entities that information must pass through before entering our “domain”. They speak completely different languages, but they are all trying to help us on our path to satisfaction. We have to become translator and interpreter, uniting the different forms to achieve our highest level of healing and self-empowerment.

Know Our Geniuses: Understanding and Comprehending

Mind: Satisfy the intellect. Read scientific studies, research and ask people for referrals. Take notice of thoughts and feelings that occur.

Body: Experience it. Try it, do it, experiment. Ask how the body is feeling during a new practice, such as a seated meditation or a hot yoga class. What thoughts come up and how do they feel?

Emotion: Close the eyes, get quiet, and open up to feelings. Observe without criticizing. Notice feelings of all kinds and what triggers them.

As we yearn to expand into new levels of consciousness, we are also held back by the opposite longing for the safety and comforts of the known. Give attention to these polar opposite conditions that exist in our nature. The yearning to venture out and seek is natural and so is the fear that is triggered by the unfamiliar. This balancing act will require outward movement with a constant internal integration. As the Geniuses talk to each other through the body, they are working out not only the language barriers but their possible conflicting opinions. One Genius may crave activity while the other may cling to staying put, worried about how the change will affect the whole.

The key is to stay curious as we dig for resistance. Find the places that make us emotionally uncomfortable, whether it is a place of, “I don’t like this,” or “No way, too weird.” Cultivate an attitude of acknowledging the resistance. Be calm and curious about the new self knowledge arising. Emotions don’t like to be pushed; the mind can be stubborn, and the body can be a lazy couch potato. Allow it all to just be; we are creating an atmosphere where these multidimensional communicators can all come to chat and figure it out. This allowing environment creates trust amongst the Geniuses.

Cultivate Our Geniuses: Practices that Connect the Dots

Healing Yoga: Yoga is recommended as a daily exercise practice to open the body, align the bones and warm the muscles. It’s crucial to be an observer during the movement practice. Awareness and study of the eight limbs of yoga will deepen our experiences, helping create a greater union inside of us between the Geniuses.

• The Yamas: moral code

• The Niyamas: personal disciplines

• The Asanas: postures or sacred movements to ready the body for meditation

• The Pranayama: breathing techniques to control the life force

Pratyahara: drawing attachment

Dharana: concentration

Dhyana: meditation practice

Samadhi: merging with the divine within

Healing Movement and Dance: The physical body holds trapped emotions and trauma. Tension stuck in the body blocks the flow of communication between the Geniuses. In this practice, we listen to our bodies and allow expression through organic movement. In a dance, we can work out anything without the need to relive it in the mind. When the body is given this opportunity of freestyle organic movement in a non-judging atmosphere, many things can heal and shift spontaneously. It doesn’t matter what our stories are or why we’re tense, just move and loosen it up. Find the tension and release it through shaking, jumping, wiggling or flying across the floor.

The Heartmath Institute has studied the effect of creative/intuitive movement on individuals’ anxiety levels. Testing before and after the dance, recipients were able to see their own levels shift on a computer screen as their bodies went from a highly agitated state to one of compassion and love after the dance.

Sound Healing: The invisible vibration of sound created for healing carries a message into the body. People can partake in sound healing by attending a live concert, or by using headphones with a downloaded music track. The rest and nourishment a body receives is subtle and profound, deeply affecting the brain and nervous system. This type of treatment can brings the body into vibrational balance so the nervous, immune systems and glands can work optimally. Memories and feelings may come into consciousness during a session. Some individuals see colored lights or images. Emotions such as grief and fear might come up from the past to be released. Responses can range from laughter to tears to going into a deep sleep. Inspired thoughts or visions may also arise accompanied by a high vibration tingling in the muscles.

Embrace the practice in a holistic, multidimensional way. As we unify our Geniuses and express our growth and expansion outward, we’ll be tending to our inner worlds too.

JoJo Keane, an energy healer, yoga teacher and Journey Dance instructor, offers healing sessions, workshops and classes. Based in Newtown, she is the founder of
Inspired Soul Studio and

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