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A Conversation with Noreen Ehrlich: Former Financial Executive Helps Professionals Find Personal Success

Sep 02, 2016 01:27AM

Noreen Ehrlich

What does it take for you to attract and maintain genuine love? How do you close the gap between your vision of an ideal partner and being truly available to get into a happy, fulfilling relationship with that partner when he or she appears?

These questions perplexed Noreen Ehrlich for years, as she traveled the globe working in Manhattan’s competitive private equity industry. She often felt powerless to heal her romantic relationships despite her desire for authentic connection with her spouse and commitment to repair. Ehrlich is a Wall Street CFO turned love and relationship expert who lives in Greenwich with her Yellow Labrador, Boozer, and rides her Harley through the Westchester backcountry in her free time. She talked with Natural Awakenings Fairfield County about her new offering and how it might help successful but disillusioned professionals in their efforts to shift familiar, outdated patterns so they can achieve healthy, happy relationships.

Before you founded Dreamtown, you spent years in Manhattan’s real estate private equity industry and also spent time working and living in Japan, India’s Bollywood and California’s Hollywood. What led you back to Greenwich to focus on a very different kind of work?

As a single woman, I was astonished by the apparent collective longing for connection paired too often with the inability of the prospective partners to handle real intimacy or commitment. I also saw that I was repeating the same painful patterns that sabotaged my own previous relationships. I just didn’t get it. So I began to investigate. My search led me to study life and love philosophies—both old and cutting-edge—and, ultimately, to pursue a love and relationship coaching certification that positions me to help others attract and maintain real love.

What does your program offer to those who are seeking happy, healthy relationships?

My business, Dreamtown, offers an eight-week program that shows clients how to set a powerful intention to find and enjoy happy, healthy long-lasting love. It then outlines in clear, specific steps what they can do to make their intention a reality. Think of this as having a personal love life trainer supporting you to attain your best.

Dreamtown’s method guides clients in setting realistic goals, replacing destructive patterns with constructive behaviors, and the steps needed to manifest deep, meaningful connections. By taking charge of actions and responses, clients become open to life’s possibilities and begin to find it fulfilling in every aspect.

When we alter our relationship with ourselves, our external worlds shift accordingly. Dreamtown programs help our clients identify what isn’t working and why, and then supports and directs them toward their ideal life.

Learn more at Noreen Ehrlich can be reached at [email protected] or 475-205-1121. See ad, page 31.

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