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Grounding Our Pet’s Spirituality

Oct 01, 2016 11:34PM ● By Mary Oquendo

In the wellness model discussed in previous articles, the second key to happiness is spiritually. For animals, spirituality is not connected to religion, but rather to the earth; it’s a pet’s connection with the ground where he makes his spiritual link. The process is called grounding.

When we think of grounding, one train of thought focuses on the mundane and another on spirituality. The mundane concerns the science behind grounding. The National Electric Code defines grounding as, “a conducting connection, whether intentional or accidental, between an electrical circuit or equipment and the earth or to some conducting body that serves in place of the earth.” In other words, to neutralize electricity, connect it to the earth.

Grounding is the removal of a positive charge. Let’s apply this principal to a body.

Positive electrons take the form of free radicals built up in our pets’ bodies from the excess amount of electrical energy we subject them to. This energy—also called electro-magnetic frequency (EMF)—comes from our computers, cell phones, televisions, microwaves and other devices. In addition, stress, allergies and illnesses can positively charge a pet’s body. Direct contact with the ground neutralizes this positive charge because the earth is loaded with a negative charge.

Studies indicate that grounding can reduce inflammation, muscle tension and chronic pain in addition to speeding healing of injuries, protecting the body from EMFs and lowering anxiety.

A pet processes grounding through its root chakra. All animals have a chakra system similar to people. Their root chakra is located near the base of their tail and runs down their legs to the paws. It governs their base needs such as survival, food and shelter. If the root chakra is not balanced due to a lack of grounding, it will begin to affect all the other chakras.

Why is grounding connected to your pet’s spirituality?

Grounding allows our pets to fully feel their physical body while engaging in the spiritual world. It allows the pet to connect to his or her own guides and guardians. A pet primarily achieves grounding through paws on the ground, not man-made surfaces.

Other ways to help our pets ground is by:

• Adding root vegetables—such as carrots—to their diets.

• Placing red or brown crystals—including red jasper or brown tiger-eye—near their beds. Keep the crystals out of their reach as they can pose a choking hazard if ingested.

• Diffusing sandalwood, oak moss, patchouli, cypress, elemi, rosewood, lavender, rose, geranium or chamomile in a water-based diffuser. If a cat has respiratory illness or disease, forgo this method.

• Misting rooms with sprays made with palo santo or sage. Although they smell wonderful, the cat concerns apply here as well.

• Playing root chakra music throughout the day. The root chakra is associated with the musical note C. There is a large free selection on YouTube or the music can be purchased and downloaded from Amazon. A suggestion is Steven Halpern’s Chakra Suite.

The next time a pet is outside running like a fool, look at his body language and demeanor. See the happiness in his eyes. We should also consider taking off our shoes and joining him.

Mary Oquendo is a Reiki master, advanced crystal master and certified master pet tech pet first aid instructor. She is the owner of Hands and Paws-Reiki for All. She can be reached at See ad, page 51.

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