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Cosmic Rhythms - December 2016 Issue

Dec 05, 2016 03:05AM ● By Alethea Hunt

Social lives are “jammin’” in December, courtesy of a mutual reception between Mars and Uranus lasting until December 19. Get physically active with friends and think about skiing, snowboarding, ice skating or even just a snowball fight. Do be aware this influence can make social networks—real life or digital—a bit feisty; if things heat up, keep an air of detachment to maintain cool. A Gemini full messenger moon on December 13 brings communication to the fore. Since it can also be a rather gossipy lunation, watch what you tell to whom, especially if family is involved. Secrets may be told or exposed, or information for which there is a legitimate obligation to be truthful about can come to light. It’s possible as well to clam up and be afraid to open up an ugly “can of worms” by speaking up. However, moral responsibility must be allowed to trump this even if it is hard.

Mercury retrogrades in Capricorn on December 19 and the ensuing three-week period can signal some communication problems in the workplace. It’s an inopportune time to talk with the boss; problem areas may include thwarted ambitions, double dealing, secret enemies in influential positions or loss of business. It seems there is potential for workplace intrigue. There may be metaphorical fires at work that need to be put out. With Mercury involved, this could heat up the mouth and add an insubordinate edge as well; tread carefully in a verbal sense if you feel that tongue heating up, especially with authority figures!

Uranus and Saturn connect on Christmas Eve, but this energy will be active all month long. Saturn’s stability harmonizes with the Uranian impulse for change and evolution; what results is an energy that aligns with a gradual, structured, lasting change of some kind and one that supports your individual evolution. Think of something that supports your long-term growth; it should be a self-initiated shift of some kind. It’s also helpful for building a strong, supportive, enduring social network of reliable individuals that may even motivate or inspire achievement. Work your business contacts, make an effort to turn acquaintances into something more substantial, and get some kind of social network architecture in place to facilitate connecting with people who have common big-picture goals. If you’re looking to shift in a different direction career-wise—especially if you’re looking in a different field—this can be a very helpful influence so definitely make efforts toward this end in December. Ignore temptation to wait until the holidays are over.

Also active all month—but exact on December 26—is an opposition between Jupiter and Uranus. Those who are coupled should be aware that unexpected opportunities may surface for one or both partners now, which can leave a union on uncertain footing. It’s an exercise in faith and trust when it comes to relationships. On the other hand, those who are charged about “singledom” should be aware that an opportunity for growth may come via a relationship now – it may prompt a surprising shift in partnering philosophy. Within friendships, divisions can also exist between “Let’s just be friends” vs. “Let’s turn this into something more.” Lastly, a Capricorn new moon on December 29 is great for rethinking goals—professional and otherwise—with its proximity to a retrograde Mercury. Perhaps a visualization may help those achievement-based intentions along, or even a motivational music playlist.

A practitioner of Western Tropical astrology, Alethea Hunt has been practicing for more than 17 years. Connect with her at 203-917-6312, [email protected] or

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