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Cosmic Rhythms - January 2017

Jan 06, 2017 06:42PM ● By Alethea Hunt

January begins with Mars in contact to Neptune with an excellent vibe for all restorative or meditative activities. Dreams can become very active with this influence; make sure you get good rest while identifying what might be conflicting with your ability to rest. This combination can also generally indicate a “tired and cranky” type of vibe. Though a prescription sleep aid may be tempting, you might wish to address the issue through a gentler, natural means first. At the same time, be proactive in addressing how things like alcohol or other substances can potentially interfere with circadian rhythms. Or perhaps it is simply time for a new mattress.

Mercury resumes direct motion on January 8 after weeks of retrograde movement. As it comes to a standstill in the sign of its detriment (Sagittarius) on this date, it’s a good policy to censor your mouth a bit around this time rather than just blurt things out indiscriminately—especially if you are tempted to “talk some truth”.  There may also be some rethinking of your philosophies, whether they be political, moral or otherwise; perhaps, more specifically, it relates to career and/or parenting philosophies with Mercury receiving influence from serious Saturn. In a broader sense, it is good advice to put things into context—information, knowledge and gossip especially—and to also make sure you are looking at all situations over a long enough timeline to get perspective. 

The Cancer Full Moon on January 12 is locked into a cross involving Pluto, Jupiter and Uranus, potentially making familial support tough to come by around this time. Power struggles are possible, especially with parents and authority figures in general. If you struggle with feeling whether your family has your back, this might be a good time instead to connect to the energy of your ancestors; pray for spiritual support and/or guidance from those further back in your lineage. Building an “ancestor altar” may be one way to help you connect. In other Cancer-related areas, know as well this moon can potentially prompt an unexpected relocation/change of residence.

There are four celestial bodies traversing through Pisces this month and, as such, it will be important to be aware of escape fantasies. It will be super easy to tune out and get swept up in addictive behaviors; they can run the gamut from substances to daydreaming that someone will come riding in on a white horse to rescue us, to retail “therapy”, to getting lost in a relationship.  It is understandable to long for a respite, but with most of these bodies eventually running into a square with Saturn, a big reality check is needed.

The Aquarius New Moon ionizes the air around January 27, thanks to its electric vibes. There can be some degree of unrest for stale social paradigms. If you find your “crew” isn’t aligning with you, this would be a good time to set an intention to meet a different crowd with more harmonious views or beliefs. On that note, think about attending a few Meetup groups or getting outside of your standard, confining “comfort zones” for connecting with others.

A practitioner of Western Tropical astrology, Alethea Hunt has been practicing for more than 17 years. Connect with her at 203-917-6312, [email protected] or

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